September 25, 2007

Elliott Farm Homeowner Association

September 25th, 2007


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Dale Prior.


Board Members present: Dale Prior, Mike Churchill, Rob Wick and also present, Joy Church, Bookkeeper, Becky Wruble.


King County Sheriff’s Department: Not Present

Fire District #40 Report:  Prepare yourself for the possibility of a power outage. Have candles, water and foods that need little preparation ready.

New fire station is still in process. Should be completed in late October.


Financial Report: Joy Church- All homeowners have paid their dues. Thank you. Revised budget adopted.


Committee Reports: 


Treasurer Report: Mike Churchill- Budget completed.

This will be Mike’s last year on the board as he is moving. The board would like to Thank Mike for his help on the board. Thanks again Mike and Good luck!


Landscaping: Rob Wick

General Landscaping is looking good.

Rob is expecting the proposal from Malone’s to clean up the entryway at the Gables to present at the Annual meeting. Also there is some fire damage from a car fire by the Gables entrance that Rob is getting a quote for repairs.


Secretary’s / Social Report: Joyce Keil

Joyce has found a company who resurfaces play courts to bid on the sport court cleanup. Joyce has also been working on the Tot Park toy issue that will be discussed at the Annual meeting.


Architectural: John Wruble

No submissions this month. It has been brought to our attention that there are some homeowner’s cars that leak oil extensively. Be responsible! Our drains run into the river below and the oil can harm the fish. A general letter will be sent out to all homeowners reminding them of some of the infractions we have seen.


New Business: 

Currently have no new candidates for the Board.

Agenda was approved. Sent out with the Annual Meeting letter and proxy / ballot containing the issues to be discussed at the meeting.

Halloween Costume Contest and party to be at the Sport Court Halloween night 6:30P.M. Gift bags for the kids, hot chocolate and cookies will be served. Thanks Joyce for setting up the party.


The Annual Meeting is scheduled for October 23rd. Homeowners are urged to attend. We need people to join the board.

Any questions please contact:

Dale Prior (President) 425-226-6712


Meeting adjourned at 9:00.

Annual meeting will be October 23rd at Nativity Lutheran Church.

17707 140th Ave SE Renton WA 98058