September 25, 2001

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association


Board of Trustees Meeting


September 25, 2001




  1. The meeting was called to order at: 7:05 p.m.


  1. Board members present: Dale Prior, Russ Stocek, Shawn Martin, Sherry Rosenlund, Rod Moore, John Ross, Maria Elena Geyer.


  1. Board members not in attendance: Jim Nold, Brent Beardall


  1. The minutes were read by: Maria Elena Geyer and unanimously approved by the Board members present.


  1. Fire District #40 Report: No report given.


  1. King County Sheriff’s Report: No report given.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Brent Beardall was not present. Dale Prior reported in terms of the status of our delinquent dues; we have 1 or 2 homeowners delinquent and are working towards rectifying this. No progress on obtaining post office box. Further evaluation of this will be conducted.


  1. Landscaping Report: Shawn Martin reported on the continuing challenges with our watering devices; for now the systems are shut off until further solutions can be found. Shawn also provided an update on the arrival of the garbage cans and will work on positioning them in designated areas. He will also find an irrigation system company that will winterize our irrigation systems as well as trying to get a “neighborhood package” for all homeowners interested in drain irrigation systems for winter. No progress on landscaping the entryway at this time. Shawn also reported the purchase of 2 basketball nets.


  1. Architectural Control Report: John Ross reported completion of the letter to homeowners reminding them of the covenants; letter to be mailed within a week. No submission of any architectural proposals for review at this time.


  1. Community Relations Report: Sherry Rosenlund reported new “Welcome” packages will be ready next month. Also transfer of CC&R to new homeowners will be accomplished by contacting the selling agent; “they” will handle the transfer for the Board.


  1. Social Committee Report: Rod Moore reported on the Community Labor Day party; a few residents participated. Pictures of the event will be posted on our web-site. Russ Stocek provided an update on “Golf Day” — 8 people signed up; plans are moving forward.


  1. 140th Construction Report: No report given.


  1. Security Report: Allan Revenig was not present. Dale Prior reported: no progress on Blockwatch options at this time. There was a car broken into and an attempt was made to steal it in Woodward.  Please be aware of suspicious vehicles and people in our neighborhoods. Be a good neighbor and tell your neighbor when their garage door is left open at night.


  1. Old Business: Dale Prior reported no progress on securing legal counsel at this time. Rod Moore suggested the use of his father-in-law; Dale will research further.
  • Sherry Rosenlund reported on having “Woodward” stationary (about 250 8-1/2 x 11 sheets of paper and some Gables “blank cards” and wanted to know if the Board could use them in the near future.


  1. New Business:
  • Holiday party and Progressive Dinner: Rod Moore will help coordinate at Woodward; Dale Prior wants John Ross to coordinate at the Gables; more details to follow. The date for the Progressive Dinner was identified to be December 9, 2001.
  • Dale Prior also recommended the Board start working on next year’s budget; he wants to incorporate yearly activities with the yearly budget planning process, thus creating a yearly event calendar for 2002.
  • Further discussion took place regarding homeowner’s participation and help. John Ross suggested the development of a questionnaire to get homeowner’s feedback on “what would you  like to see maintained in your communities” and “what would you like to do in terms of activities” — more discussion to follow.
  • Shawn Martin suggested getting bids for “landscaping/cleaning/weeding” of our common areas that are not currently being maintained, so that cost can be communicated to homeowners.


Meeting was adjourned at: 8:33 p.m.


Minutes submitted by:  Maria Elena Geyer                              Date:  September 28, 2001


Next meeting will be:


October 30th

7 p.m.

Nativity Lutheran Church

17707 – 140th SE