September 24, 2002

Elliott Farms Homeowner’s Association

Annual Homeowner’s Meeting

September 24, 2002



Dale Prior called the meeting to order


Board members present:  Dale Prior, Russ Stocek, and Sherry Rosenlund.   Also present, Joy Church.


The minutes were read by:  Sherry Rosenlund


Fire District #40 Committee Report:

Fire district meets once each quarter.  Next meeting will be in October.


King County Sheriff’s Report:

No report at this time


Treasurer’s (Bookkeeper) Report:

Joy Church is introduced as our new bookkeeper.  Letters have been mailed to those homeowners delinquent with their 2002 dues.   Reviewed and approved financial statements.


Landscaping Report:

Both monuments are still in need of maintenance.  Anyone interested in helping with this project, please contact Dale Prior.


Architectural Control Report:

No new issues to report


Community Relations Report:

Welcome to one new Gables homeowner this month.


Social Committee Report:

September 14th BBQ & Games at the Tot Lot was a great success for those in attendance.

Halloween is coming.  There will be a Costume Contest at the Sport Court at 6:00 pm on Halloween night with prices and pictures.

HOLIDAY PROGRESSIVE DINNER: Mark your calendar now for the 4th annual progressive dinner to be held Saturday, December 7, 2002.  Watch your mailbox stand for further information.


140th Construction Report:

No report at this time.


Security Report:

BLOCK WATCH is up and running. Note to all:  It has been brought to our attention that there have been a couple of homes burglarized over the last couple of weeks in the Gables. Please turn on porch lights, keep an eye out for your neighbors. If you see anything suspicious call the sheriff.

Let a neighbor know when you’re gone so they can pick up newspapers or turn on lights in the house.


Old Business:

2003 Proposed Budget with 15% dues increase was reviewed and accepted.  Budget will be adopted at October 22nd annual meeting.

Board Nominations received include:  Rick Heinz and Dale Prior

Late Fees and Penalties for Homeowner Dues reviewed, discussed and accepted.

January 1 – Initial Invoice mailed

February 1 – Homeowner Payments Due

March 1 – Delinquent Letter mailed

April 1 – 20% of initial dues is added

May 1 – 50% of initial dues is added

June 1 – Lien is filed against homeowner’s property plus $250 for legal fees


Upgrading Tot Lot and Sport Court will be discussed and voted on at annual meeting.


New Business:

            Dale brings another update of settlement offer made by the Fire District regarding Tract N. This issue will be on the annual meeting agenda.

Annual Meeting notices and proxies will be mailed to homeowners next week.

Annual Meeting agenda was approved.


Meeting was adjourned at: 8:30pm


Minutes submitted by Sherry Rosenlund


Next meeting will be: October 22, 2002, 7 p.m., Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 –140th SE