September 23, 2014



The Elliot Farms HOA September board meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Chris Rodrigues.  Others present were Sean Bauer, architectural control chair, Gordon Hill, landscaping chair, Shirleann Nold, secretary, and Michelle Bauer.  Meg Paul was absent.

There was no report from the King County Sheriff or Fire District 40 this month.

Joy Church sent a budget report and with the exception of a higher federal tax bill than was anticipated, we are current with this year’s budget.  The tax bill will be paid from the reserve account and no hike in annual dues is anticipated.  The board is in process of creating the 2015 annual budget.  There are still two liens outstanding.

Gordon reported that the last day for Malone’s Landscaping will be October 3rd.  Natural Land Effects Landscaping will begin on October 6th.  They will be working on Mondays.  New lighting fixtures have been ordered for the Gables’ entrance and the contractor will begin the job this week. Some trees need to be whacked back at the bus stops and all who walk along 140th are asked to consider carrying a plastic bag to pick up trash that accumulates along the fence line.

Several homeowners have requested permission to remove mature trees that have encroached utilities and driveway pavement.  The board will be acting in an advisory role on the removal and replanting of trees and shrubs. The board will provide a list of suitable replacement trees and shrubs after consulting with our arborists.  Please contact Gordon if you plan to remove a tree.

Gordon mentioned the need for beauty bark in our common areas and gravel near the sports court at Woodward.  He also proposed installing a border fence to prevent balls from rolling into the road or down the hill at the sports court.  Plans for additional neighborhood improvements for 2015 will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

Sean reported that two house painting proposals and four tree removals have been approved. One proposal for a shed is under consideration.

In regard to old business, the Elliot Farms sign is finished, but not yet installed.  Because it will be situated in front of the electric box at the tot lot, a sign off from the electric company is needed.

Under new business, Chris will be going door to door to update our contact list so that important e-mail information can be disseminated more quickly. The annual meeting will be held on October 28th and ALL homeowners are urged to attend.  The annual meeting packet will be sent to homeowners shortly.  Committee heads will be available to answer questions.

Our annual Halloween costume parade and party will be held on Friday, October 31st at 6:00 PM.  Preparations include lights, signs, a walkway runner, cider, snacks and a canopy in case of rain.   This has been a popular event every year and it takes many hands to make it successful. Dress the kids in their favorite costume and enjoy visiting with your neighbors.

REMINDER:  Next meeting, our annual meeting, October 28th, 7:00 PM, at Nativity Lutheran Church on 140th, south of Petrovitsky.  Come meet your neighbors, ask questions!

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold