September 23, 2003


Board of Trustees Meeting

September 23rd, 2003


Dale Prior called the meeting to order.


Board Members present:  Dale Prior, Rick Heinz. 

Also present: Joy Church, Bookkeeper.


The minutes were read by Rick Heinz and approved.


Fire District #40: No report.


Joy Church, Financials: Joy reported that there were no outstanding issues.


Shawn Martin, Landscaping: Nothing to report.

Dale Prior reported that the Woodward entryway landscape restoration should be starting the first part of October. We will meet with the landscaper at the entryway before the work begins.


John Ross, ACC: John was not in attendance, but he did let us know that the gazebo relocation to the tot lot should be taking place the first part of October.


Sherry Rosenlund, Community Relations: (Not present and nothing to report.)


Russ Stocek  (Not present.)

The second neighborhood golf tournament of 2003 has taken place. There were enough folks that participated to make up two foursomes. For those that participated they had a great time!


Rick Heinz, Block Watch: Nothing to report.



  1. Ask your neighbors to watch your home when you are on vacation.
  2. If you are not home make sure it looks like you are.
  3. If you see or hear something suspicious call 911.
  4. Don’t leave first floor windows open if you are not home.



Old Business:

  • Discussion to request County to reclassify Tract N for tax purposes
    • The board has decided to have tract N zoned for open space. Dale is following up on this.
  • Gazebo to be relocated at the Tot Park in June
    • John Ross got a bid to relocate the gazebo up to the tot lot. The bid includes pouring a new pad for the gazebo, relocating the gazebo and putting a new roof on it. The board approved this bid and the work should be done in September.
  • Summer barbeque: The board decided to have a neighborhood barbeque at the tot lot after the gazebo gets moved. It will be a great way to initiate our the gazebo!


New Business:


  • Planning has started for the 2003 Halloween costume contest. If anyone is interest please contact the board.  Parents are encouraged to help.


  • Apparently the stoplight at the Woodward is really slow.  If you experience this problem please contact the county or Dale Prior.


  • Parking on the street by the Gables is getting to be a safety concern. Neighbors living in the homes by the entryway are encouraged to park in the driveways and garages.


  • A list of 2003 activities and accomplishments were gathered up to let all the neighbors know what the board did this year:


    • Christmas decoration contest
    • Garage sale
    • Halloween costume contest
    • Entry lights at the Gables were repaired.
    • Additional plantings and bark at Gables and Woodward
    • Neighborhood notebooks were created and distributed.
    • Block Watch Program was started
    • Neighborhood email distribution was started
    • 2 neighbor golf tournaments
    • 2 tree planting weekends on the hillside
    • Contract in place to relocate the gazebo
    • Contract in place to restore the landscaping at Woodward entry
    • Entryway signs painted
    • Tot Park toys pressure washed
    • 8 projects we approved by the ACC
    • 5 covenant enforcement letters were sent out
    • Tract N acquired
    • Welcome packages created
    • 1st Yard recognition award
    • New landscaping service started work


Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm


Minutes submitted by Rick Heinz.


Next meeting which is the “ANNUAL MEETING” will be October 21st, 2003; 7:00pm; Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 – 140th SE