October 28, 2008

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Annual Meeting

October 28th, 2008


The Meeting was called to order at 7:10 by Dale Prior.


Board Members present: Dale Prior, Joyce Keil, Laurie Wu, John Wruble, and Rob Wick. Also present our bookkeeper Joy Church.


Financial Report: Joy Church, Laurie Wu

Joy and Laurie gave an overview of the years expenses and also explained the budget for the coming year. The budget was approved by the homeowners present at the meeting.


Three more people are left to pay HOA dues. Late fees will apply.


Landscaping Report: Rob Wick

Rob went over what was done to the common grounds this last year. The irrigation system was corrected and some of the lighting was fixed at the Woodward and Gables entrances. Jeri Martin brought up a concern about some of the trees in the greenbelt. We will check into getting an arborist to look at the greenbelt again, since it has been four years since the last time they were professionally looked at.


Dale and Rob are getting bids and ideas for redoing the entrance at the Gables. There are some plantings that are overgrown. It would also help if the monument is moved back 6-8 feet.


Architecture Control Report: John Wruble

There was one submission for a pergola in the Gables which was approved. There are some people that are not submitting an approval form to John before they are doing projects. Please fill out a form if you are doing an improvement to your front yard or an area that is visible to your neighbors. You can get a copy of the form by going to the Elliott Farm website which is www.elliottfarms.net. or in the Fairwood Flyer community newspaper.


A letter went out in June to the homeowner’s concerning paint chipping, yards not being kept up, and garbage cans in view. John will be doing a follow up letter.


Secretary Report: Joyce Keil

Joyce suggested we place No Soliciting signs at the entryways.

Because we were not able to put on the proxy as an agenda item we will be discussing this item at our next meeting. Based on response we will decide whether or not to send out for a special vote.


Presidents Report: Dale Prior

Elliott Farm made $7500 on the pipeline in which Cascade Water Alliance will be parking some of there vehicles on our property that is down by Maple Valley Hwy.


Toys at the Tot Park were refurbished and new slides purchased saving us a bunch of money on the park cleanup. Thank you Dave Keil and John Wu for your help.


Sport Court was pressure washed which saved us from resurfacing.


A mailbox that was hit by a phantom motorist was rebuilt by Dale and his son.


A special Thank You to Laurie Wu, Joyce Keil and Becky Wruble for their help making the neighborhood activities a success over the summer.


New Business:

We will be having a Christmas Decorating Contest. Info to be supplied by the next meeting.


A homeowner at the meeting brought some information on purchasing mail boxes from the post office. They would be much more secure and also have a bigger slot for outgoing mail as well as an area for packages. We will be looking into these.


The spring clean up on 140th was rained out, but a few people showed up and did not let the rain dampen there spirits! Thank-you! We will plan another clean up in the spring, but we will need more participation.


A suggestion from homeowners was that we have an Elliott Farm phone directory. In order to do this, we will need volunteers to go door to door and get information and also make sure they want to be in the directory.

Please contact Dale to volunteer 425-226-6712


Two of the homeowners present at the meeting volunteer at the Fairwood Library and they informed us that if the annexation of Renton goes through, that will affect this very busy and important library. John Wruble is on the board and you can get more information by going to http://fairwoodmi.org


Joyce Keil has decided to leave the board. Thank you for your help over the years, being the board secretary and helping with the social functions.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30


Next Meeting will be at the Nativity Lutheran Church Tuesday, November 25th   at 7PM.