October 27, 2015


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Rodrigues at 7:07 PM. Also present were Sean Bauer, architectural chair, Gordon Hill, landscaping chair, Meg Paul, treasurer, and Shirleann Nold, secretary.  Including board members, 11 homeowners were present.

The minutes from October 28, 2015 were approved as read.

Gordon reviewed the boards’ accomplishments of 2014-2015:

*We hired Natural Land Effects as our new landscaper and they are doing a great job.  Several homeowners have hired them for personal landscaping.

*We lost trees at Woodward during summer’s drought.  They have been cut back, but may need to be replaced.

*12 homeowners took advantage of the HOA pressure washer that is available at a cost of $10/day.  Cash received goes into a reserve account for future replacement.

* The in-ground replacement of lighting at the Gables entry has cut our cost to $130 annually as opposed to the cost of the halogen lighting at Woodward, which runs $432.  Replacement of that lighting is on the table for the future.

*Spring clean-up went well.  We have established a good relationship with Ace Hardware.  They take care of delivering the aerator and thatcher used by homeowners to maintain their lawns each spring.

*It was proposed that in the future we use handbills delivered to each door to advertise important community events like spring cleanup to prompt a better turnout.

On November 9th, Matt’s Tree Service will be cutting dangerous cottonwoods in our community.  Homeowners will be given notice when the company will access their backyards.  Once the trees are identified as “dangerous”, the HOA is culpable for damages.

Meg reported that we are operating within our proposed budget.  We had some added expense in the landscaping department due to

*mulching beds

*gravelling the trail by the sports court

Consequently, we have upped that budget item by $600.

The added expense this year was offset by $500 spent on the Fairwood Flyer, which is no longer in business.  $300 of the savings was used to build our new website.  There has been a loss on expected interest rates, but with the help of a local homeowner, we are looking at the viability of other investment vehicles.  Despite the 25% turnover of houses this past year, there are currently only 3 homes on the market and only one homeowner in arrears on dues.

Sean reported 10 submissions for the year: 3 for paint, 2 for fences, 1 shed, 1 play set, 1 deck, 1 heat pump and 1 patio roof.  Homeowners are asked to access the web site to review the CC&R’s before contracting improvements and/or to submit an application when planning to improve their property.  Architectural reviews will be done again in March or April and homeowners will be contacted if they are not in compliance.

Chris noted:

* We have a new, improved web site design at a cost of $500.  Signage will be affixed to our mailboxes with the address.  The software was very old and additional dollars have been budgeted to bring it up to date.  Everyone is encouraged to access the site for current information.

*”Next Door” has been developed as a forum for communication among homeowners wanting to exchange information about contractors, break-ins, and items for sale in the neighborhood.  The site can be privatized at the upper right hand side to include only Elliott Farm homes.

*We have been quite successful in recovering funds owed to the HOA from the sale of bank owned properties in the past year.

Other 2016 Projects

*building a retaining fence, no higher than 4’, behind the sport court

* Examining the breakdown of cement along 154th, possibly the result of cars parked on the sidewalk

*Putting the King County crime prevention booklet into every homeowner’s hands.  There has been a second submission to King County for signs.

*Continued pressure on King County for maintenance of the easement

*trimming back the evergreens along the trail

Homeowner’s questions focused mainly on safety in the community.  Chris reviewed the things the board has investigated in the past:

*quality stickers on every vehicle owned by homeowners

*gating the community – our roads are not private roads so this can’t be done

*security patrols – the cost would be an additional $600 in dues for each homeowner

Currently there are no funds in the King County budget to allow King County police to attend our monthly meetings. King County will not follow up on suspect license plate numbers.  They are more interested in “fingerprints” in the home after a break-in. Homeowners must be pro-active.  Some suggestions include:

*installing a good surveillance system

*if that is out of budget, dummy signs

*get to know your neighbors and your neighbor’s phone number

Parking was also brought up. Cars belong in driveways whenever possible.  If it is necessary to park on the street, it should be on only one side of the road to allow egress for emergency vehicles such as a fire truck.  No parking on sidewalks or lawns and there should be 10’ of space left before and after mailboxes and fire hydrants.

In regard to a question about lost PO box keys, they can be ordered from the post office at a cost of $50.

The board would like to acknowledge and thank two people in the community for their continuing contributions to the community –

*Joyce Keil, for her help with our annual Halloween costume parade

*Bruce King for his long term work maintenance of our web site.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold, secretary