October 26, 2010

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting

October 26, 2010





The Elliot Farm Homeowners Association annual meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by John Wruble. The Board members present were John Wruble, Scott Paul, Laurie Wu, Jeri Martin, and Linda North. Joy Church, bookkeeper was also present. Thirteen homeowners were also present.


John welcomed all the homeowners and thanked them for coming. He also announced that there are open positions on the Board and asked if there were any nominations or volunteers for Board of Director or Committee positions. There were none. The minutes from the September meeting were read and approved.


King County Sheriff’s Report: There was no report this month; however the statistics report will be posted on the website.


Fire District 40 Report: Brian McGee, Battalion Chief was present. He stated that the October emphasis is on safety for everyone, especially Trick or Treaters on Halloween night. He asked for our help in keeping our children safe.


Presidents Report to Homeowners: The 2010 accomplishments are as follows:

  • New mailboxes
  • Gables Entrance landscape update. Thanks to Dale Prior for his initiation of this project
  • Gables Entrance fence was replaced and stained. Thanks to Scott Paul and Linda North for staining the fence.
  • The Gazebo was painted and stained as were all the benches for the Tot Lot and Sport Court. Thanks to Scott Paul for all his hard work on these projects, as well as Chris Rodrigues for pressure washing the gazebo.
  • Snow and Ice boxes for both The Gables and Woodward are now in place and stocked with snow shovels and ice melting pellets to be used on the road and sidewalks at both entrances. Pellet spreaders are yet to be purchased.
  • We have retained a new association attorney from the law offices of Leahy, McLean and Fjelstad.
  • The Board of Directors have approved and established a formal collection policy for the Association.

Future Projects are to trim several overgrown trees in the greenbelt area, look into getting bus stop shelters for the school children, and work on the sport court, especially the tennis net.


John further mentioned that there continues to be a challenge on collecting HOA dues from several homeowners, stating he is aware of the hardships caused by the economy and loss of jobs. There are a few foreclosures in our association as well as some bankruptcies. However, we are obligated to go ahead with lien proceedings on these homes. We have also been named in a complaint by a mortgage company for a homeowner going through a bankruptcy on which we have placed a lien. This has been turned over to our attorney.

Homeowners were encouraged to participate to either help out with projects or volunteer for Board or Committee positions. By doing so it will assist us in keeping expenses down in an effort to keep our HOA dues low. He stated we are financially sound and have good reserves but stated we are barely collecting enough in dues to cover all the annual expenses. We cannot keep drawing from our reserves to fund normal maintenance issues. Consequently we are looking at an increase in HOA dues of between $50-$75 per year starting in 2012.


John also encouraged all present to remember to vote on November 2nd and reminded us that the important issue of whether we would or would not annex to Renton was on the ballet as well.


Bookkeeper/Treasurer Report: Laurie Wu, Treasurer and Joy Church, Bookkeeper went over the balance sheet as well as the 2011 budget. It was again mentioned that there are some homeowners who have still not paid their 2010 association dues and due to the fact we are placing liens on several properties, we are over budget on legal fees. We have also needed to pay more out in taxes due to the increase in interest earned on our CD’s. We have increased the budget for legal fees in 2011.


Landscaping Report:  Scott Paul reported that we have a new landscape manager for Malone’s. At this time they are focusing on maintenance issues such as hedge trimming, maintenance of the path between Woodward and The Gables, etc. We have also asked for a bid for gravel on the path across from the Tot Lot and alongside the Sport Court. There was a suggestion from a homeowner that we possibly look at planting grass on the path in The Gables. Another homeowner asked if the fence adjoining her property on 140th belonged to them or to the association. We will look into this and report back to her. She stated its needs to be replaced. She also asked that we consider trimming the trees in front of her house, which are on the association property, as they are getting quite overgrown. Scott will also look into having this project done.


Architectural Control Report Jeri Martin reported there have been 9 submissions this year, all approved and completed. She stated that there were more submissions in the summer. When asked about acceptable house colors, it was suggested homeowners stay with northwest natural colors, similar to the colors currently in the neighborhood. Jeri mentioned that since our landscaping is beginning to mature it is wise for homeowners to watch for trees that are planted too close to your home or where they can invade plumbing. She also mentioned that the windows in our homes (those built by Maurray Franklin) are still under warranty for original homeowners.


The report cards given to each home this spring have generally received positive feedback. The majority of the problems were over grown shrubs, homes needing paint, as well as some lawns in need of mowing and edging. Residents are also reminded to bring garbage cans in after collection has been made each week.


A homeowner mentioned that the evergreen trees around the Tot Lot are turning yellow and wondered if anyone else had observed this and asked we have an arborist check to see if they were diseased.


A thank you was given to Jeri for the great job she’s done this year, making recognition that this is not always a pleasant job but certainly a necessary one.


We were asked to be sure to not park on the sidewalks and that when parking on the street be sure we’re not inhibiting other car or emergency vehicle access, since our streets are fairly narrow. We are also encouraged to use our driveways and garages as much as possible when parking our vehicles.


Old Business:

  • The Halloween party will be held on October 31st at the Sport Court at 6:30pm. Refreshments for everyone and goody bags for all children present.
  • CR & R’s are in the process of being edited for formatting issues only.


New Business:

  • Election of open Board of Director positions
  • Scott Paul and Jerry Martin have both agreed to stay on as Committee heads for another year. John Wruble and Linda North will stay on as Board Members. Laurie Wu is resigning this year. We thank her for three years of excellent service to us as our Treasurer.

Homeowner Input:

  • It was mentioned that a directory of all homeowners, addresses, and phone numbers be provided so we can contact someone in case of anemergency or if we see suspicious activity around a home. Discussion was held and it was stated that even though it is a wonderful idea, it would be difficult to get everyone to agree to have their names and addresses published. A suggestion was made that homeowners wanting this information contact their neighbors to get the information from them personally.
  • Regarding the possibility of increasing our HOA dues, it was asked that we present a proposed budget for 2012 prior to raising them so homeowners would have the opportunity to see where these extra funds would be going. It was stated from the board that this was expected to be done.
  • We are also looking for suggestions for the net on the Sport Court. If replaced will it be used more often, or would residents like to see it removed and something else constructed there, such as tether ball? We will be discussing this at upcoming meetings and will appreciate any input from residents.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm. The next meeting will be held at 7:00pm at the Nativity Lutheran Church on Tuesday, November 23, 2010. Residents are encouraged to attend.