October 26, 2004

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Annual Meeting

October 26, 2004

The meeting was called to order at:  7:00 pm by President, Rick Heinz

Board members present:  Rick Heinz, Dale Prior, Shawn Hutchinson, and Rob Wick.

Also present:  Joy Church, bookkeeper, and 13 homeowners

September minutes were read and approved.

Fire District #40 Report:  Not Present. Russ Stocek did share that the new fire house is in design phase. (It will be located on the far side of Fred Meyers off Benson near Arbys.)

CERT Program: Rick Heinz announced that he, Traci Heinz and John Wruble graduated from the Community Emergency Response Training that was offered by FD 40. They completed 8 Tuesday nights of classroom training which was followed up by a half day disaster simulation and graduation on Saturday. John, Traci and Rick will be getting together to figure out how we can help our neighborhood be better prepared based on the skills we learned. We also highly recommend that more neighbors sign up for the class in the spring.

King County Sheriff’s Report:  Not present

Financial Report, Joy Church:  Joy provided our annual statement for the association to review.

Treasurer, Shawn Hutchinson: Shawn presented the proposed 2004/2005 budget. The highlights were: dues remain the same and the board proposed setting up reserve accounts for the balance of our funds. There was discussion over the purpose and amount for reserve accounts. The board checked with other HOAs and most have reserve accounts for legal, emergency issues and general maintenance/upgrades. The board can either work to build up a reserve account or the association may be accountable for assessment sometime in the future. The budget was approved as submitted. The board will look at possibly putting our reserve funds in a short-term investment account and do some investigating on how much we need to have in those accounts.

Board Elections: Dale Prior and Sherry will be stepping down from the board after completing their terms on the board. Thank you Dale and Sherry for you years of service on the board.

John Wruble and Rod Moore were the two board nominees. The association unanimously voted them onto the board.

President’s report (Rick Heinz): Rick reviewed some of the accomplishments for the year:

  1. Rick and Shawn worked to publish a set of Rules and Regulations for the association.
  2. Our association has adopted the section of land along 140th adjacent the Gables.
  3. Rick has taken on the responsibility of sending out a Welcome Letter to all new homeowners.
  4. New signage was installed at the entrance of the Gables to make it safer.

Vice President Report (Dale Prior): Dale shared that he has been working to get Tract N rezoned to “open space”. Doing that will greatly reduce the property taxes on that tract and it will also restrict it from allowing any development. The rezoning will probably go into affect in 2006.

Landscape Report (Rob Wick):  Rob went thru an extensive report on the landscaping:

–         Weeding and dumping the garbage cans need improvement.

–         Watering and irrigation went well.

–         All the common areas were barked this year.

–         Woodward landscaping was repaired after car accident this winter.

–         Lawns were aerated and seeded.

–         Rob will try to get out more landscaping newsletters.

–         Tot lot may need some drainage improvement in 2005.

–         Tract N has a leaning tree along 140th that may need to be removed.

–         Need a tree/shrub pruning plan for 2005.

–         Rob may have a best-maintained & most improved award in 2005.

–         Rob suggested having annual flowers planted at the entryways.

–         It was noted by a homeowner that the sport court net needs to be replaced.

Architectural Control Report (Shawn Hutchinson):  Shawn had one new submittal for a satellite dish.

Community Relations & Social Committee Report:  Rod & Carin Moore will facilitate the annual Halloween Party on Halloween night at the sport court. Sherry will be organizing the Annual Holiday Progressive Dinner. It is scheduled for Saturday, December 4th.  Please call Sherry (206-714-8559) for comments, participation, questions, etc.

Block Watch Report: The only report was provided by some homeowners about attempts to break into our mailboxes. Apparently the attempts happened early in the morning and due to the fact that one attempt was spotted by a homeowner that called 911, one of the thieves was picked up by the police. IF ANYONE SEES ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS, CALL 911.

Fairwood Task Force (John Wruble):  John provided an overview of the annexation/incorporation activity. John will continue to provide support to the task force and is always available to address homeowner questions.

Meeting was adjourned at: 8:35 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Traci Heinz


November 23, 2004

7:00 p.m.

Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 –140th SE