October 25, 2011

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Annual Homeowners Meeting

October 25, 2011



The Elliott Farm Home Owners Association annual meeting was called to order at 7:05 by John Wruble. The Board members present were John Wruble, Linda North, Chris Rodrigues, Scott Paul, and Jeri Martin. Joy Church, bookkeeper was also present. Eighteen homeowners, including the Board members, were present.


John welcomed all the homeowners and thanked them for coming and introduced the Board members. He also thanked Bruce King, our web master, for all the work he has done for us this past year. There was not a quorum present so he explained that nominations for Board and committee positions would be accepted but that an official vote would not be taken.  The minutes were read and approved as written.


Financial Statement: Joy Church reported that 10% of the 2011 homeowner’s dues have not yet been paid and that we are about 2% ahead of last year in collecting them. In October we cashed in a CD when it matured which was used to pay for the fence project. Our regular monthly expenses were pretty much in line with last year. Chris and Joy went over the year-to-date spread sheet. Exceptions to our normal expenses were landscaping expenses for the arborist and fence projects.


Architectural Report: Jeri stated there were no new submissions in October and that the issue of the white newly installed garage door had been resolved. She reported there had been 13 requests submitted year-to-date from homeowners with 3 still pending. She also reported that an inspection of the homes in both Woodward and The Gables indicated that things are generally in good shape. Over the past year several homes have been painted and she said there are several others that need to at least have the trim painted. She also reminded us that prior to painting the exterior of our homes, a request needs to be submitted to ACC for approval. Paint colors need to be harmonious with the neighborhood in neutral colors and shades of white.  She also mentioned that there are many homes with over grown shrubs that need maintenance. Violations are dealt with on a case to case basis, the major one being trash cans left out and owners allowing pets to leave messes on neighbor lawns


Landscaping Report: Scott reported that the open spaces landscaping is looking pretty good. Malone’s has done an acceptable job of maintaining these areas. The path between Woodward and The Gables continues to be a problem and he has again asked them to clean it up.

  • In December, 2010 we had an arborist come and analyze our greenbelt area. On their recommendation, several trees were cut down or trimmed back.
  • Homeowners (19) made good use of the thatching and aerating equipment this year
  • The seasonal plantings were replaced with permanent plantings at The Gables entrance
  • Moss was treated in several open areas

A suggestion from the floor was made that we present Malone’s with a list of monthly expectations and if the work is not completed, we consider withholding a percentage of that month’s payment. It was also suggested we look at new bids from several landscapers for 2012.


2011 Accomplishments: John presented a list of the accomplishments made during this past year.

  • The Gables entrance landscaping change – thanks is given to Linda North, Norm North, John Wruble, and Chris Rodrigues for their work in this project.
  • Common Area fence – Linda North headed up this project. Five bids were accepted prior to the Board deciding who would do the project. Fences were replaced at the lower entrance to The Gables as well as above the Tot Lot.
  • Sport Court Net and winch – This project is still in process. Dale Prior assisted us with the research for replacing the net and winch. The Board approved the project to be done in the spring. Dale also volunteered to remove the old net since it is now considered a potential injury risk.
  • Stop sign at SE 154th and 141st Pl SE –This issue is still in process. John was able to make contact with the original engineer on this project and he has assured us the stop sign will be installed in the relative near future. It was suggested by a homeowner that one of the hedges at this intersection be lowered to assist with vision and that caution be used when approaching the intersection.  It was also suggested by another homeowner that the intersection of 143rd Ave SE and SE 157th Place in Woodward could benefit by some traffic control signage. John Wruble said he would bring it to the attention of King County DOT for review.
  • Neighborhood Night Out – This annual event was held in August at the Tot Lot and was considered a big success. There were many residents from both The Gables and Woodward present. Thank you to John and Becky Wruble for providing the ice cream and popsicles which were enjoyed by all!
  • Halloween 2010 – This was again a very successful event with approximately 50 children attending. The costumes were great, the treats tasty, and a good time was had by all. Thank you to Jeri Martin and Joyce Keil for their hard work in presenting this event.
  • Christmas Decorating contest, 2010 – This popular contest was again held and the outside home decorations spectacular, as usual. We are considering a modification in judging for the 2011 contest which will be announced later.


2011 Challenges

  • Burglaries – Over the past year there have been several burglaries and break-ins reported. It has been suggested that residents be alert to any suspicious activities going on and not hesitate to call 911. It was also suggested neighbors consider leaving their porch lights on at night, be sure any cars left outside are locked, and that garage doors be down and secured when not in use.  Leaving extra keys under door mats and in flower pots is also not considered a good idea.
  • Foreclosures – There are currently 6 foreclosures being processed. While these homes are vacant, neighbors have been asked to help keep the lawns mowed and sidewalks cleaned. If you see something needing attention and the home is listed with a realtor, give them a call as well.
  • General upkeep – Look around your property to determine if there is something needing attention. Shrubs are maturing and becoming overgrown in some areas, some homes need cleaning and/or painting. We were all asked to be aware that some trees were planted very close to water and sewer lines and may be impairing them.
  • Pet Refuse – There have been numerous reports of pet waste being left on lawns, including the Tot Lot and Sport Court lawns. Please be considerate of others when walking your pets, and always have them on leash and clean up after them.
  • 2011 Budget Review – An analysis of expenses was provided. With the exception of the arborist and fence project costs we maintained expenses well.  It was shown that the routine costs used most of the budget and left very little for increasing maintenance expenses which will likely increase as our neighborhood ages.
  • 2012 Budget Review – Chris and John went over the proposed budget for 2012, showing why an increase in annual association dues is necessary. The dues had not been raised since they were started in 1998. The pressure of increased maintenance costs and a higher percentage of homeowners defaulting on their homeowner dues made it a requirement to raise the homeowner dues. The board had voted in August to raise the dues $45 (15%) starting in 2012. This was consistent with section 7.3 of the EFHOA CC&Rs. The budget will be posted on the website for all to review.
  • Comments from homeowners – It was suggested that we again consider having a Block Watch for our neighborhoods. Shirleann Nold and Chris Rodrigues both volunteered to be Block Watch Captains for their blocks and someone will be appointed to chair this very important project and see if we can generate enough interest to get it started.
  • Hill Erosion Issue – There is nothing new to report at this time. Our attorney is looking into the matter to determine what, if any, responsibility the HOA has, and what, if anything, needs to be done at this time.
  • Election of 2012 Board Members- Since there were not enough homeowners present to make a quorum, an official election could not be held. However, nominations were taken from the floor for open Board positions. Heidi Adamson was nominated, she graciously accepted, and the nomination was unanimously approved by the informal homeowner vote.  There were several other names listed to fill vacated positions as well. A final determination and vote will be taken by the Board at the November, 2011 meeting. We thank each and every person who has expressed an interest in helping fulfill these important and necessary positions.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15pm. The Board meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month. The next meeting will be held on November 22, 2011 at 7:00 pm at the Nativity Lutheran Church. Residents are encouraged to attend.