October 25, 2005

Elliott Farm Homeowner Association

Annual Meeting

October 25, 2005



The meeting was called to order at: 7:06pm by Rick Heinz.


Board members present: John Wruble, James Postma, Mike Churchill, Rob Wick, Rick Heinz and Shawn Hutchinson.


Also present: Joy Church, Lt. Anderson KCFD #40, homeowners of the Gables & Woodward.


The September minutes were read and approved.


King County Sheriff’s Department:  Not present.


Fire District #40 Report:  Lt. Anderson stated the 176 EMS calls last months and 15 fire calls.  Lt Anderson gave information about proposition 1 and how it relates to Fire District 40.


President’s Report, Rick Heinz:  Rick announced that his 3 year term on the board is over.  Some of the highlights of the previous year included: The reclassification of Tract N to open space reducing our tax burden by 80%.  Thanks to Dale Prior for his work on this issue.  Other items included the painting of mailboxes, staining of benches, and the cleanup day along 140th.  We have also brought on a new landscape company, Malone’s.  It is our intention for the entryways to set the tone for the neighborhood.


Financial Report, Joy Church/Mike Churchill:  The crediting of dues has been changed to reflect dues paid for the actual year they are to applied to.  We added a line item for a newsletter 4 times per year.  Mike also reported that landscaping costs and projects have gone up.  There won’t be any mailbox maintenance this year.   Last year’s energy numbers were smaller than it should have been.  The amount for the water budget was lowered.  Interest income was moved into CD’s.  The dues are remaining constant at $300 /year.  There will be a surplus of $500 for 2006.  Rick then opened a discussion with the audience regarding the efficacy of the newsletter.  The budget was then approved.


Nominations of New Board Members:  Rick explained the process of Board Elections.  Rob Drake and Joyce Kiel both indicated interest in joining the board.  Ballots were collected and Joyce Kiel was the winner.  She was appointed to a 3-year term.


Committee Reports:


Landscaping Report, Rob Wick:  Rob reported that we have replaced NW Landscaping with Malone’s Landscaping.  They have been in service since late summer.  Rob plans on another spring cleanup day with a thatcher and aerator.  There wasn’t a thatcher this year due to the rain.   Malone’s will be aerating and over seeding the turf areas this year.    They will also be top dressing the gravel path next to the sport court area.  Rob further stated next year’s biggest expense will be providing proper drainage in the tot lot.  We will also be raising the turf level next to the gazebo.  Shrubs will also be place in some narrows areas of the Gables.


ACC, John Wruble: John stated that the goal of the ACC is to maintain the look and feel of the community.   He stated the biggest issue he has encountered in the notification of the process.  Most submissions are for Air Conditioners, fences and patios.  One homeowner had built a structure that didn’t meet the Association covenants.  That homeowner was then required to replace the structure to meet the guidelines.   One idea that was mentioned from the audience was a group rate from a painting contractor for individual homeowners.


Block Watch, Rick Heinz:  There was a car stolen from the Gables.  The vehicle was parked on the street.


Old Business:


Trees in the Greenbelt, Rick Heinz:  Rick gave some background as to the issue of trees in the greenbelt.  There is concern regarding cottonwoods that could fall and damage property or injure people.  An arborist has been out to evaluate the area and has identified 34 trees that need to be removed.  An initial cost estimate was $11,000 to fall the trees in question.  There was quite bit of discussion regarding this topic.  It was proposed and approved that Rick would investigate further the removal of these trees and if we could do it in stages based on the severity of the risk.  It was also determined to put it out to bid to get the best price.


New Business:


Fairwood Task Force, John Wruble:  John gave background information on the Fairwood Task Force.  More information can be found at www.fairwoodtaskforce.org or www.gofairwood.com



The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


The next Homeowner’s Association meeting will be November 22, 2005 at 7:00pm Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 140th Ave SE.


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