October 23, 2007

Elliott Farm Homeowner Association

Annual Meeting

October 23rd, 2007


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Dale Prior.


Board Members present:   Dale Prior, Joyce Keil, Mike Churchill, John Wruble, and Rob Wick.


King County Sheriff’s Department: Not Present.


Fire District #40 Report: Not present.


Minutes were read and approved.


Financial Report – Joy Church:  Not Present.


Committee Reports: 

Treasurer Report: Mike Churchill- Mike presented the budget for 2007-2008. This was approved.

We will reallocate $5000 to legal fees for a lawyer to advise us on the HDR Pipeline.


Landscaping: Rob Wick

Malone’s Landscaping has completed their second full year with us.  Overall, they have done an excellent job with the maintenance program.  While there have been minor issues such as getting the irrigation set correctly this summer, Malone’s is consistently meeting our expectations.


During 2007 we continued to monitor the tot lot area down in the Gable for drainage problems.  This year, unlike past years, the turf areas in the tot lot didn’t experience the excess water problem as in recent years.  As a result we held off on doing the drainage work that we had expected would need to be done.  We will continue to monitor this area during the 2008 summer season as that is when the problem arises.


The annual aerating and thatching weekend was successful again this year.  We had over 18 households use the equipment and unlike previous years we had good weather as well.  We plan on doing this event again during April in 2008.  Look for the fliers by the mail boxes for specific timing.


This year we also thinned out the landscaping around the entrance to the Gables and replaced overgrown shrubs with new smaller ones.  This work has improved the overall appearance of the Gable entrance.  Next on tap is to fix the broken lighting at the entrance.  We plan on completing this work before the end of the year.  In addition there was a car fire that occurred just inside the entrance of the Gables. This fire caused significant damage many of the shrubs and trees near the location of the fire.  All of the landscaping damaged was replaced with new plants and trees.


Malone’s complete the winterizing of the irrigation system so we are all set for the approaching winter season.


Secretary/Social Report: Joyce Keil:

Joyce is still waiting on a bid for the sport court cleanup. Joyce presented the bid for the tot lot and it was discussed. Everyone would like to improve what is there by putting in bark, fixing boards, and replacing the slide. We will have a volunteer group to do this. We had a couple of people volunteer at the meeting. If you are interested, you can call Dale at 425-226-6712.

Joyce bought traffic cones and Whitney Hutchinson will be painting “SLOW” on all of them to hopefully slow down the traffic in Woodward and Gables


Architectural: John Wruble

No new proposals submitted this month. Things will probably be slow until spring. Homeowners need to be aware of the Architectural guidelines when they want to make changes to their property. A problem that we all must be aware of is cars that leak oil on the street! It is harmful for oils to go into the storm drain, not to mention that it is an eye sore!

President Report: Dale Prior:

No big issues this year. We have had problems with cars parked on the street and sitting idle for several days. The streets are too narrow for this. Please be a courteous neighbor and park your cars in the garage. Also get out and meet your neighbor.

Person to person contact is the best way to communicate.



HDR did not come to do there presentation. At this time we have no new information. They will reschedule to meet with us at an upcoming meeting.


John Wu from the Gables kindly offered his wife, Laura, to take the treasure position. Thank you!


Lighting in the Gables is sparse in some areas. Joyce will call the county to see if maybe they can a couple of street lights.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 27th at Nativity Lutheran Church.


Thank you to the neighbors who came to the meeting. Your participation is much appreciated!