October 22, 2013

Elliot Farm Homeowner’s Association

Annual Homeowner’s Meeting

October 22, 2013



The Elliot Farm Homeowner’s Association annual meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Dale Prior, president.  Board members present were Dale Prior, president, Chris Rodrigues, vice-president, Gordon Hill, treasurer, Sean Bauer, architectural control, and Shirleann Nold, secretary.  Committee member, Roy Wick, landscaping, and Joy Church, bookkeeper, were also present, as were four members of Fire District 40 and 16 additional homeowners.

Dale welcomed the homeowners present and then asked Lt. Souci of Fire District 40 to speak first, as he was scheduled at four other board meetings that evening.  The Lieutenant cited the upcoming Fire Prevention Week, reminding homeowners that most home fires are caused by smoking (in bed), cooking (unattended), and heating (portable heaters and objects left close to heaters).  He mentioned that this is an ideal time to check batteries in smoke alarms and CO detectors.  Seventy percent of the Fire district’s responses are medical calls.  They are fully equipped as first responders.  Firemen are pleased with their new station and because of the layout; it has resulted in a decreased response time. Homeowners are invited to stop in for a visit and might want to check blood pressure while there.

Minutes from the annual homeowners meeting of 2012 were approved as read.

Joy Church reviewed the financial statement and commented that spending is well within the budget for the year with no unforeseen expenditures.  It was suggested that expenses for the Gables entry be moved to landscaping.  Chris added that no large expenditures are expected in the coming year with the possible exception of resurfacing the sport court, for which money has been set aside.   The 2014 budget was approved as presented.

Rob Wick reviewed what has been done this year in regard to landscaping.  He oversees all common areas including entrances, tot lot and the sport court .  His message to Malone’s is to make the common areas an example of how we want our development to look.  There is a lot of turnover among the landscaping crew and Rob works to keep crews abreast of our expectations.  This year they have concentrated on thinning out shrubs at the entrance to Woodward and the shrubs in the sport court, as well as adding well-priced plants for color.  Trees behind the monument in Gables were thinned and Malone’s is in the process of replacing parts of the hedge that have died.  A homeowner noted that the sprinklers have been on during the rain and Rob said that will be corrected when the lines are blown for the winter.  Another homeowner noted that the monument in the Gables was dark.  The photo sensors are not recognizing night and are on during the day.  Chris has an electrician coming to look into that. The board extended a thank you to Rob for all his hard work.

Sean reviewed submissions to the architectural committee.  There has been one new submission to add a fence in Woodward to match a neighbor’s, as well as adding some concrete curbing.  Two house paintings have been approved.  Homeowners are reminded to submit a request when doing any major renovation.  Covenants, minutes, and applications for architectural changes (fences, paint, tree removal, etc.) can be found on our website.

Chris reviewed the work done on the green belt where we have rapidly maturing trees encroaching on homes.  Using an arborist for advice, several trees have been topped at 5-10 feet in height, leaving the root system to stabilize the hillside.  Chris and the arborists don orange vests while working so that homeowners are made aware of their official presence in their backyards.  Dale mentioned the pressure washer purchased by the board this year and loaned to homeowners at a fee of $10.  Call Chris to reserve.  In the spring, the association rents a Thatcher and aerator for use by homeowners on a sign up basis.  There will also be a community clean-up day to maintain the area along the road.

Dale addressed the issue of homeowners delinquent in paying their dues.  There are @3 homeowners who have neglected to pay dues over a period of time but continue to benefit from the collective effort of homeowners who take pride in the community and finance its upkeep with their annual dues.  These delinquent homeowners have been sent to collections with poor results.  Liens are placed on these properties that are recoverable when a house is sold.  Some people do not care, even when offered a way to pay on a month to month basis. Perhaps peer pressure is the answer.

Dale extended gratitude to a number of people who have contributed to the community this year including Bruce King, our webmaster,  Jim Nold, who was successful in getting the stop and yield signs installed after years of negotiation with the county, and to Joyce Kiel, who once again has stepped up to put our Halloween celebration together.

Dale requested e-mail addresses from new homeowners so that they can be notified of neighborhood activities such as incidents involving crime.  It would  also include plans for a neighborhood Christmas decorating contest.  In the past winners have been chosen by previous winners and by neighborhood kids.  Anyone willing to help decorate the entries please contact Chris.

Dale announced that he will be selling his home, moving north and he will resign from the board after many years of service.  He thanked everyone for their help and cooperation and was given a round of thankful applause by those present.  Consequently, there will be one open board position.  Meg Paul agreed to serve for the coming year.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.  The next regular board meeting will be on Tuesday, November 25th at 7:00 PM at Nativity Lutheran Church.  All are welcome.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold