October 22, 2002

Elliott Farm Homeowners Association

Annual Board Meeting

October 22, 2002





The meeting was called to order by President, Dale Prior.


The following Board members were present: Dale Prior, Russ Stocek, John Ross, and Allen Revenig, Rod Moore, Shawn Martin, Sherry Rosenlund, Jim Nold, Rick Heinz  and Allan Revenig.  A total of 35 homes were represented.



Introduction of Board Members and Joy Church, Bookkeeper.


Officer Sam Shirley was present for questions.  He advised that his new office is now open inside Albertson’s and encourages everyone to stop in.  One homeowner noted that their home and 1 other home in the Gables plus 1 home in Maple Ridge Estates had been recently broken into and robbed or cash and jewelry.  Officer Shirley would like to remind everyone to engrave their driver’s license number on all electronic equipment.  He has an engraver available for use.


Fire Dist #40 Chief Bob Jenson was also available for questions.  He advised everyone to change wiper blades, service all vehicles and SLOW DOWN.  It is getting darker earlier and more children are out and about.

Russ Stock is the Elliott Farm representative to the Citizen’s Advisory Team.  This team is in it’s 52nd year,  meets quarterly, and encompasses 2 fire stations and 12 square miles.


Bookkeeper’s Report: Joy Church presented the financial statements. The statements for September and the budget for 2003 were both voted on and approved.


Architectural Report:   John Ross reviewed the past year. John did stress to everyone the need to use the architectural requests found in the Fairwood Flyer prior to doing any additions, decks, sheds, fences or changes the exterior look of the property.


Community Relations Report:   Welcome to all new homeowners.   Sherry delivers Welcome Basket and community information to all new homeowners.


Social Committee Report:   Rod reports the Halloween Party is on track and encourages all Elliott Farm children to come to the Sport Court for tricks or treats.   Woodward will have the 5th annual Holiday Progressive Dinner on December 7th.  He will be happy to help the Gables families get one started this year.


Landscaping Report: Shawn Martin reviewed the past year including the 140th project and new landscape crew.  He is currently in the collecting bids for a 4’ chain link fence at the drop off of the trail between the 2 developments.  Jim Nold reports the trees on the ledge are being replaced with low growing evergreens and 100 Lew Pines.


Security Report: Rick Heinz reported on the Block Watch Program.  As stated before, the county does not have funds to sponsor this program so it is up to each community to develop their own.  He will be sending out a new flyer with more information.  Jim Nold reported he submitted a traffic request on 10/9 and a metering device is proposed.  One homeowner requests investigating  a Metro Bus Stop at the Woodward traffic light.  They will submit this request to Metro.


President’s Report:  Dale reviewed

  • the new policy for homeowner’s due dates and penalties for late payments
  • homeowner dues are increased 15%
  • reducing the number of Board members


Dale also reviewed the easement to the county for the Madison Creek Restoration project and the Tract N dispute.

The Elliott Farm developer has refused to convey the 5 acres between Woodward and the power lines to the Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association as filed in the CC&Rs.  Our attorney has filed an injunction to prevent any further use of the land until a decision is made.   We have received an offer from the Developer and the Fire District to split a sale of this property 3 ways with a covenant that a 50’ – 100’ tree buffer surround and possibly 4 new homes constructed on this property.  This property is currently inaccessible.

Dale requests a show of hands for support to continue with legal council to save this property from sale and possible development.   Majority carried.


Results of voting on Advisory issues:

Toys and sport court for Woodward and Gables      28 YES     13 NO

Moving the Gazebo                                                       40 YES     2   NO

Rick Heinz and Dale Prior were both elected to the Board


New Business:    Several homeowners request  ATTENTION ALL PET OWNERS; PLEASE, PLEASE, PICK UP YOUR PET DEPOSITS!!!!!  It is a health and safety issue and courtesy to your neighbors.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Next meeting will be November 26th at 7:00p.m. at Nativity Lutheran church;17707-140th SE