October 21, 2003


2003 Annual Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2003


Dale Prior called the meeting to order.


Board Members present:  Dale Prior, Rick Heinz, Russ Stocek, Shawn Martin, John Ross, and Sherry Rosenlund.  Also present: Joy Church, Bookkeeper and 12 families represented.


Representative from Fire District #40 informed us:

v     There will be a new fire station at Benson and 176th.  They are currently looking for property on Benson to build.  The current fire station was built in 1940 and is now obsolete.

v     3 new firefighters have been hired to keep the aid-car available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

v     The station now has a new thermo camera to find victims and/or firemen in burning buildings with heavy smoke.

v     He advised that with the heavy rains recently, please keep water drains clear of leaves and debris to relieve high water in the streets

v     Finally, for all updates or to e-mail the fire district, go to www.fd40.com


Introduction of Board Members and Homeowners present.


Russ Stocek reported for the Citizens’ Advisory Committee that the new fire engines are back to the traditional red and black.  Also, another reason for the new fire station at Benson is that 176th/Carr Rd and Benson will be widened to 8 lanes (4 in each direction)

Thank you Russ for organizing 2 golf tournaments and the Christmas decoration contest.


Joy Church (bookkeeper) distributed and reviewed the balance sheet and profit and loss statement for 2003.  Currently there is a 98.8% collection rate on homeowner dues with 1 homeowner past due.  A lien has been imposed on that property for balance due and legal fees.


Treasurer’s Report and Budget:

v     Insurance increased slightly due to obtaining Tract N property.  Tax status for Tract N is in the process of being changed to “Open Space” which ensures the property cannot be built on and will lower the tax liability.

v     Increase in homeowners dues

v     All other budget items remain same

Vote for 2004 passed unanimously


Nomination of candidates replacing Shawn Martin and Russ Stocek passed unanimously:

v     Rob Wick

v     Shawn Hutchinson


THANK YOU SHAWN AND RUSS for all you hard work, long hours and creativity you have shown Elliott Farm homeowners.  Your efforts have been greatly appreciated.


Dale Prior brought to our attention Homeowner Accountability and asked for suggestions on how the Board should handle non-compliance.  Areas of concern:

v     Exposed air-conditioner units

v     Lawn care and maintenance

v     Irresponsible pet owners (letting dogs run loose, not cleaning up deposits left by dogs, etc)

v     Garbage, lawn, and recycling cans not put out-of-sight

v     Parking on street (specifically cars parked on the street at the Gables entry is very dangerous)

v     Addition structures, decks and deck covers built without architectural control approval


Homeowners in attendance had the following suggestions:

v     Talk to responsible homeowner

v     Send responsible homeowner letter of concern

v     Establish specific steps and procedures to follow then take legal action if necessary

v     Board members should watch for building activity and other issues and address them immediately


Rick Heinz reviewed 2003 activities:  THANK YOU RICK!

v     Created and distributed neighborhood notebooks with Elliott Farm CC&Rs

v     Most Beautiful Yard contest

v     E-mail distribution list for Elliott Farm news and updates

v     Block Watch (3 meetings this year and have not had any reported break ins for several months)

v     Tree planting activities on the hillside

v     Gables entry lights are now working


Shawn Martin, Landscaping reported:         THANK YOU SHAWN!

v     New landscaping company for the common areas started in April/May and are doing an excellent job

v     Woodward entry has been upgraded with more top soil, hardier plants and lighting should be completed mid-November

v     Both Woodward and Gables’ entry signs have been refurbished and repainted and should last a couple of years

v     Woodward’s Sport Court is not conducive for toys because of sewer easement and steep slope

v     Fence along trail edge when the slope is steep has been postponed for now.


John Ross, ACC reviewed 2003 activities:     THANK YOU JOHN!

v     There were about 8-10 requests for decks, fences, air-conditioners and all were approved

v     Gazebo with new pad and concrete picnic table is in the final stages. Completion dependent on weather conditions

v     Forms for architectural control approval are on the website.



Jim Nold has been instrumental in working with King County during the 140th project.

THANK YOU, JIM for a job well done!


Old Business:  None, the Board has worked diligently to successfully complete all pending projects by year-end.


New Business:


v     Adopt a Highway between power lines and Gables entry.


THANK YOU, DALE PRIOR.  As President of the Board you have successfully brought this community together and developed a Board of Directors.  Most of all, it was your unwavering attention that added Tract N to the Elliott Farm common area.  All your efforts are deeply felt and appreciated by all the Elliott Farm Homeowners.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm


Minutes submitted by Sherry Rosenlund.


Next meeting will be November 25, 2003; 7:00pm; Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 – 140th SE