November 25, 2013

Elliot Farm Homeowner’s Association Board Meeting

Minutes of November 25, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7PM by Dale Prior, in the absence of Chris Rodriquez, Rob Wick and bookkeeper, Joy Church.  Also present were Gordon Hill, Sean Bauer, Shirleann Nold, and Rick Marshall of Fire District 40.

It was decided that in lieu of reading the minutes of past board meeting, the minutes will be sent to board members before the monthly meeting for approval.  They are also available on our website.

Rick Marshall spoke of how proud he is to represent fire district 40 and the new firehouse.  We pay a bit more in the Fairwood area, but we are rewarded by having a four man engine company, backed up by an aid car, making it three times more effective than the usual three man company.  This makes the response time in an emergency 3-5 times faster.  Fairwood is a central dispatch center and they are often backed up by nearby fire companies, some as far away as Kent.  Every minute of delay equals a 10% less effective rate of survival in case of fire or heart attack.  Rick made it clear that the fireman work for the citizens in the district and wants to hear of any issues that may arise.  Once again, he invited citizens to visit the new firehouse.  He also spoke of concerns regarding walkers who neglect to wear reflective gear while walking on dark winter nights.   He issued a caution regarding frozen pipes and burn bans.

There was no report by Joy Church at this time due to a family emergency.

Gordon Hill reported that he will release two liens on properties in the development.  A discussion ensued on how we can release the liens without the aid of a lawyer.

Rob Wick was absent, but Dale noted that there is a section of landscaping behind the monument at the Gables that appears to need additional work. (Volunteer trees)  Dale will talk to Rob about that.

Chris has the net for the sport court and Sean Bauer will look into resurfacing companies.  This will be a major project this spring.

New Business

Board members positions have not been solidified yet and will be done at January’s meeting.

Welcome Amy Paul who has volunteered to join the board

It was decided to dispense with the Christmas decorating contest this year.  However, on December 9th, lights will be hung at the entries of The Gables and Woodward.  Volunteers and lights are needed.  Last year, no lights were hung at the Gable because no one volunteered.

It was suggested that it would be a good idea to appoint someone as an official greeter to newcomers in the neighborhood.  A name was mentioned of the perfect candidate and she will be asked, but volunteers are welcome to apply.

Dale Prior’s home has sold and he will be moving at the end of December.  Once again, we thank Dale for his many hours of service to the community.  He will be missed.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold, secretary