November 25, 2008

Elliott Farm Homeowner Association

Board Meeting Minutes

November 25th, 2008


The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Dale Prior.

  • Board Members present: Dale Prior, Laurie Wu & John Wruble
  • Also present Joy Church (bookkeeper) and Becky Wruble (resident)
  • Last month’s meeting minutes were read and approved


Financial Report: Joy Church, Laurie Wu

  • Joy stated that no unbudgeted activity occurred for the prior month
  • There are still three home owners that have not paid 2008 dues
    • Additional late fees will be assigned
    • Dale Prior will attempt to contact owners one more time
    • Initiating property liens was discussed


Landscaping Report: Rob Wick (absent)

  • No report given
  • Discussed retaining arborist to assess and help resolve outstanding tree issues
    • Dale to contact arborists for quotes


Architecture Control Report: John Wruble

  • No ACC approval forms submitted for prior period
  • No major compliance issues known
  • ACC approval form (MS Word) was revised.
    • Uploaded to website by Bruce King (Webmaster)
  • Follow-up letter to residents on ACC violations & recommendations is still planned


Old Business:

  • No Soliciting sign proposal discussion postponed until January meeting
  • Mail box discussion took place with further discussion planned for January meeting
  • A Christmas decorating contest was decided
    • Laurie Wu to provide flyer to residents
    • Judging day is 12-23-2008
  • HOA directory discussed – issues of privacy noted
    • Volunteers needed.  Please contact Dale at 425-226-6712


New Business:

  • All current board members will continue with their current positions
  • John Wruble was elected Secretary


Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm

  • Next Meeting will be at the Nativity Lutheran Church Tuesday, Jan. 27th   at 7:00 pm

Residents are encouraged to attend