November 24, 2009

Elliott Farm Home Owner Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

November 24th, 2009


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Dale Prior.

  • Board Members present: Dale Prior, Laurie Wu, and John Wruble (Rob Wick Absent)
  • Also present Joy Church (Bookkeeper), Linda North, Scott Paul, Jeri Martin and Becky Wruble
  • Last month’s meeting minutes were read and approved


King County Sheriff’s Report

  • Representative not present


Financial Report: Laurie Wu/Joy Church

  • Financial report reviewed.  No major issues.
  • Six residents are still past due on HOA dues.
  • Two homes are suspected near foreclosure.


Landscaping Report: Rob Wick (Not available)

  • No report submitted
  • Position responsibilities described for benefit of Scott Paul, new landscaping committee head.
  • Rob had mentioned in a previous email he would contact Scott to cover detail transition issues.


Architecture Control Report: John Wruble

  • No new ACC submissions.  No major compliance issues active.
  • ACC position responsibilities described for benefit of Jeri Martin, new ACC committee head.


Old Business:

  • Halloween costume contest was a success.   The board wanted to thank Jeri Martin, Joyce Keil and Laurie Wu for all their help in making the event a success.
  • Mail box replacement project:  Dale Prior will continue to manage this project.  He expects the change to occur in the spring.  A notification will be sent to residents prior to the change to describe the transition process.
  • Gables entry landscaping project:  Dale will also continue to manage this project.  He expected this to also occur in the spring.  Subsequent discussion on the bus shelters may affect the landscaping design.  The bus shelter issue will be factored in when available.
  • Bench refurbishment project:  Scott Paul has purchased and prepared the replacement board materials for 3 of the 5 benches.  After completion of the first three the other two will be done.
  • Snow sand shelters:  Jeri volunteered to research specific shelters/containers for the Gables and Woodward entrances.


New Business:

  • Attorney previously used is no longer available.  A new law firm has been contacted and will be reviewed for potential use in pending lien actions.  John Wruble will follow up with Dale.
  • Bus Shelter:  Jeri Martin suggested this at the last meeting.  She will be researching contacts at Metro to assess possible support for bus stops for Metro and School busses.
  • Christmas light contest was agreed to be held again this year.  Laurie Wu will deliver rules to the residents via usual door notice method.  Judging will occur on December 22nd.
  • Progressive Party will be held on January 2nd, 2010.  Details of the event will be coming and posted on the web site.
  • Election of officers was held.  Following are the new officers and committee chairpersons:


President                      John Wruble

Secretary                      Linda North

Treasurer                      Laurie Wu

ACC Chair                   Jeri Martin

Landscaping chair:         Scott Paul

Social Activities:            Jeri Martin


Positions will become effective January 1st, 2010

Email accounts will be transferred at that time


  • A resolution was passed by the Board to add Linda North and subtract Dale prior from the signature card on the bank account.
  • Thank you to Rob and Dale for their several years of help on the board and HOA activities.



Meeting adjourned at 8:27 pm

  • Next Meeting will be at the Nativity Lutheran Church Tuesday, January 22nd ,  2010 at 7:00 pm
    • Residents are encouraged to attend.