May 31, 2001

Elliot Farm Homeowner’s Association

Annual Board Meeting Minutes

May 31, 2001


Current Board Members Present:  Rod Moore, Dale Prior, Brent Beardall, and Lynn Martin


  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Rod Moore.


  1. Brent Beardall briefed the 2000 Budget actuals and the projected 2001 Budget.  Do to a decrease in landscaping costs, the association has built up a fund to be maintained for unexpected costs and in anticipation of increased energy and water costs.  There will not be a requirement to vote on an increase in dues for 2001.  There are still a few remaining properties that are not current on their dues, and the board will pursue collection and/or legal steps as appropriate.


  1. Rod Moore indicated that landscaping maintenance was ongoing and that he recommended the area around the Woodward sport court be rebarked.  A homeowner recommended that instead of bark and plants, the area should be redone in grass to provide ease of maintenance and a better play area.


  1. A vote was held for new board members.  The current board members encouraged increased homeowner participation, to include an active Architectural Committee and Landscaping Committee.  A homeowner suggested that better organization and advanced notice of board meetings would likely improve participation.


  1. The following individuals were elected, subject to their agreement to serve.  Board positions will be determined at the next monthly board meeting.  Monthly board meeting will be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Lutheran Nativity Church in Fairwood.  Homeowners are invited to attend.


    1. Dale Prior
    2. Rod Moore
    3. Brent Beardall
    4. Lynn Martin
    5. Russ Stocek
    6. Jim Nold
    7. Shawn Martin
    8. Dotty Flasck
    9. John Ross
    10. Allan Revenig
    11. Sherry Rosenlund


  1. New Business


    1. Neighborhood garage sale days was discussed.  Dale Prior indicated that there is a local newspaper publication that should be considered for passing Homeowners Association information to all members.  That publication could also be used for announcements such as garage sale days.
    2. Rod Moore announced that he would again be coordinating a 4th of July neighborhood social event at the Sport Court.
    3. A homeowner requested a contact number for a construction representative to deal with problems concerning the construction project for widening 140th way.  For efficiency sake, it was agreed that there should be 1 or 2 Homeowners Association representative who will act as liaison with the construction project supervisors/management.  Liaisons will be designated at the next monthly board meeting.
    4. Jim Nold briefed that the construction on the lower end had been held up due to a lack of proper permits for working in designated wetlands.
    5. There was significant homeowner concern about the construction at the entrance to the Gables, which creates difficulty for vehicles, but more importantly is a safety hazard due to the lack of visibility of oncoming cars.
    6. There was extensive discussion about the final landscaping to be performed by the county at the completion of the widening.  Rod Moore has a copy of the entire plan and invited all members to view it.
    7. Approximate 6 months prior to planned completion of the project, a letter will be sent to the county addressing all landscaping concerns and requests.
    8. The board committed to obtaining the proper address of the county construction representative and sending a letter in the near term representing the concerns of the homeowners association with regard to the Gables entrance, landscaping on the hill, and the pathway between the two developments.
    9. A discussion ensued about the ongoing problems with the Gazebo.  Proposals included building up the sides of the pathway and adding rock, as well as installing permanent/fixed garbage cans at both the Gazebo ,Tot Park and the Sport Court.  Concerns were expressed about ensuring proper trash pickup for those locations.


  1. Homeowners in attendance were again invited to attend the next board meeting, to be held on the 4th Tuesday in June at the same location.


  1. There being no further new business, the meeting was adjourned.