May 27, 2014


Minutes of May 27th, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by Chris Rodrigues. Treasurer Gordon Hill, Architectural lead Sean Bauer was present. Shirleann Nold was absent.  Due to scheduling difficulties the board did not hold an April meeting.

Renton Fire Department did not attend the meeting.  Note that the Fire Department does post updates in the Fairwood Flyer.

Gordon Hill reported that the majority of the Homeowner Association dues have been collected with only a few outstanding balances. If you have not paid your dues please contact Joy Church at 16915 SE 272nd St. Suite 100 – PMB 197 Covington, WA. 98042.

The Spring Cleanup held April 26-27th was a success with many homeowners taking advantage of the aerator and thatcher.  The board would like to thank Gordon Hill for coordinating this project.

The board has a few landscaping improvement projects in our common areas on the calendar and will review bids within the month.

Sean Bauer reported we had one submission for fence replacement and landscape improvement.  A reminder to all homeowner’s that the board adheres to the Declaration Covenants to maintain uniformity of use and appearance for our community. Please submit all plans for change to Sean Bauer at

The sport court is being resurfaced just in time for summer.  The board would like to thank Sean Bauer for collecting bids and coordinating this project.

The “Homes of Elliott Farms” sign located at the Gables tot lot will be repainted and relocated. This work will be completed by mid-June.

The board recognizes many of the flyer notification boxes attached to the mailboxes have been damaged and we are working to find replacements.

The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 24th, at 7:00 PM at Nativity Lutheran Church, located on 140th, on the right just past Petrovitsky.  Homeowners are encouraged to come.

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Rodrigues