May 25, 2010


Board of Directors Meeting

May 25, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm by John Wruble. The Board Members present were John Wruble, Linda North, Scott Paul, Laurie Wu, and Jeri Martin. Also present was Joy Church, bookkeeper. Last month’s minutes were read and approved after one small correction was made.


King County Sheriff’s Report: There was no report this month. Crime statistics will be posted on the EFHOA website.


Fire District 40 Report: Eric Wallgren, Station 17 Captain spoke and presented us with a copy of the activities for April/May, 2010. He also reminded us of the outdoor burning regulations (a copy of which will be posted on our EFHOA web site) as well as regulations regarding fireworks. May is National Electrical Safety Month and we were all reminded that electrical cords need to be used selectively and correctly as they are a major cause of house fires.


Bookkeeper/Treasurer Report: Joy Church reviewed the financials with the board. 2010 HOA dues are continuing to come in. Letters were mailed to all homeowners who have not yet paid their dues informing them that a late charge would be assessed. Certified letters will be mailed this month to any homeowner whose dues have not yet been paid informing them that a 50% late fee has been assessed. Liens will be placed on 4 homeowners. John Wruble has contacted our attorney and the process of placing the liens started.


Landscaping Report: Scott Paul gave a general report stating that everything looks good. A 25 amp light sensor has now been purchased for the lights at the Gables entrance and will be replaced by John Wruble. Discussion was held on placing lights up at the Tot Park since the street lights do not light it well at night. Bids will be taken on this project to see if it is cost effective to have them installed. The boards on the 140th Way fence at the Gables need to be replaced. Bids will also be taken on this project and it is hoped the work can be completed in the next month. Gazebo maintenance needs to be done. Later this year it will be pressure washed and stained. We will be looking for volunteers to help with this project.


Architectural Control Report: Jeri Martin reported that she had one submission to paint the lower shingles and trim on a home. The color choices were approved by the Board. She also showed us a preliminary report card that will be given homeowners later this month indicating if there is work on the outside of their home or yard that needs attention. A few changes were suggested which will be reworked into the report and submitted for final Board approval.


Old Business:

  • Bus Shelters – Jeri reported that it is a slow but steady work in progress and didn’t have any new information at this time. She showed us pictures of potential shelters we could construct.
  • HOA attorney – John has been in touch with our new firm and will be contacting them this month to begin the process of placing liens on 4 properties with unpaid dues.
  • Snow Removal boxes – This project is complete. The boxes and equipment have been installed for both Gables and Woodward.
  • EFHOA document revision assessment – Nothing to report for this month.
  • Tree Root Issues – We again recommend that each homeowner check their property to see if trees are growing near their water lines. It is also suggested to check your water bill to see if it has increased significantly which could indicate broken pipes. An e-mail will be sent to all homeowners reminding them of this potential problem now that trees are maturing on our property.

New Business

  • New residents – John will visit our newest homeowners to welcome them and provide them with a copy of the CC&R’s, CR&R’s.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm with the next meeting at the Nativity Lutheran Church on Tuesday,  June 29, 2010 at 7:00 pm. Residents are encouraged to attend.