May 25, 2004

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association


May 25th, 2004


The meeting was called to order at:  7:00 pm by President, Rick Heinz

Board members present:  Rick Heinz, Dale Prior, Shawn Hutchinson, Rob Wick, and Sherry Rosenlund.

Also present:  Joy Church and homeowners John and Becky Wruble

April Minutes were ready by Rick and approved.

Fire District #40 Report:  Not present

King County Sheriff’s Report:  Not present

Financial Report, Joy Church:  was given and was accepted by the Board. Shawn Hutchinson is also following up on a lien that is over a year old.

Landscape Report (Rob Wick):  Rob reports he has closed the quote with the landscapers and with all changes the price remains within budget.  Landscapers will be working on adding extra sprinklers along the retaining wall by the tot-lot, add some additional sprinklers out at the Gables entrance, and add some plants along the left edge of Woodward entrance.  Also they will be adding soil and raising the grass to meet the new concrete pad at the Tot Lot. The landscapers will also be barking all of the common areas.

King County will be delivering bark chips for homeowners to spread along 140th between The Gables and Woodward entrances.  Watch for more information from Rick.

Architectural Control Report (Shawn Hutchinson):  Shawn is following up on a couple of homes with some compliance issues and letters will be mailed out.

Please remember that it is in everyone’s best interest to submit all plans to the Architectural Committee prior to venturing out on a project; anything from a new satellite dish to a fence or a deck. They all require prior approval before starting the work.

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL HOMEOWNERS for working together to make Elliott Farm one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Fairwood.

Community Relations & Social Committee Report: Sherry reports the upcoming Potluck BBQ on June 26 has been well received by the new homeowners that she has contacted.  Sherry hopes to personally hand out invitation flyers and sign up helpers for games.  There will be games and prizes for about 7 different age groups.  ***Mark this date on your calendar!!*****

Block Watch Report:  Rick reports no new break–in and continue to watch for unknown vehicles or persons in the neighborhood. Remember if you are going to be out of town to let a couple of your neighbors know and if you see something suspicious call 911

Old Business: 

v      Shawn Hutchinson will work over Memorial Day weekend on getting the bench placed at the Tot Lot

v      Dale continues work on Tract N rezoning

v      Fairwood annexation/incorporation:  The board voted to recognize this task force committee.   John Wruble will be our task force representative and will provide updates at each board meeting.

v      Process for carrying over liens from year to year:  Shawn is working with attorney to structure specific documentation for this

New Business: 

v      John Wruble reports on the first public meeting for the Fairwood Annexation/Incorporation meeting held 5/20.  Among others, councilman Steve Hammond was present.  This task force’s mission is to collect and communicate information to homeowners and associations impacted.  Their first course of action is to collect monies from the county for an independent study to determine whether it would be better to annex into Renton or incorporate.  This will cost about $30,000, and could take up to 120 days to receive the money.  The study will take up to 6 months.

v      The County will dump 28 yds of bark chips to be spread along 140th.  Tentative date for spreading is June 12 and ALL homeowners are encouraged to help.  Rick will send e-mail to confirm the date.

v      Elliott Farm Home Owner’s Association received a quick-claim deed from the Murray Franklin for tracts B, C, D, & V located below the Gables.

 Meeting was adjourned at: 8:10 p.m.

 Minutes submitted by: Sherry Rosenlund

 Next meeting will be:  June 28, 2004, 7 p.m., Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 –140th SE