May 24, 2016

Elliott Farm Homeowners’ Association

 May 24th, 2016

Attending: Chris Rodrigues(President), Penny Gowen(Secretary), Gordon Hill(LC), Sean Bauer(ACC); Homeowners(0)

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm


Secretary: Minutes of the April 26th meeting were approved as read.

Treasurer: Joy will e-mail Meg with a finance update. Chris will be going to court on June 3rd regarding back dues owed the community by a homeowner. The Board of Directors unanimously voted to pursue the collection of delinquent dues of another homeowner.

Landscaping Chairman: Gordon reported that Matt’s Tree service has been selected to remove and mulch the trees from the Woodward entrance. This is at a cost of 8 trees for $600. About two dozen homeowners used the aerator and thatcher. The sprinklers have been turned on at both entrances. Gordon will contact the landscaper regarding the sprinklers in the Gables park area which are not on as of yet.

A natural fence has been chosen for the area around the sport court.

Architectural Control Chairman: Sean reported that he received one submission for a home to be painted in the Woodward. The shed is now complete and in compliance. Sean offered the idea of having several paint colors that are pre-approved by the board for the homeowners to use to help alleviate any confusion of terms regarding painting as outlined in the CC&Rs. The board will take this into consideration.

Old Business: The board continues to review options for updating the CC&Rs.

New Business: Review list of homeowners who have continued to be in violation of the CC&Rs despite multiple notices from the board. Discuss how to proceed and enforce the rules.

Consider looking into a group bid for new roofing. Our roofs are getting close to the age of needing to be replaced, perhaps it is more economical for multiple homes to use one company and receive a group discount.

Next meeting is June 28th, 2016 at 7pm

Respectfully submitted,

Penny Gowen – EFHOA Secretary