May 21, 2018

Elliott Farms Homeowners’ Association

May 21, 2018

Attending: John Wruble (President), Meg Paul (Treasurer) and Linh Hirano (ACC). A quorum was established. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.


Secretary – the Secretary was not in attendance. Meeting minutes for the March and April meeting will be read and approved at the June meeting.

Treasurer – Meg reported that ~95% of homeowners paid their 2018 dues. There are 4 homeowners that have not paid their 2018 dues. Several homes have sold this year. She will check to see if any of these homes have recently changed ownership.

Landscaping – John reported that he will work with the landscape company to renew the 2018 contract. On behalf of the Board, Scott Paul provided the names some companies that to potentially repair the sprinkler control box at the Tot Lot. The HOA received notice that a backflow test needs to be performed. A homeowner inquired about the method of controlling the blackberry bushes along the Woodward-Gables Trail. This was researched last year; however, additional research will be conducted to determine if there is a cost-effective eco-friendly manner to do so. The Tot Lot resurfacing and repair of the monument at the Gables entry projects were discussed. The annual spring aerate and thatching event was held last weekend with 13 homeowners signing up; however, several other lawns were also done by neighbors. A homeowner volunteered to clean up the benches near the Tot Lot.

Architectural Control – Linh reported that a homeowner replacing their roof had their contractor install the wrong, and unapproved, shingle. The homeowner is working with the contractor to remedy the situation. To date, there have been 12 requests submitted for either a new roof or exterior paint, with 4 more in process, including a request for staining a fence and installing a deck. Homeowners are reminded to that these types of projects require HOA approval. The form can be found on the Elliott Farms HOA website. The form for the homeowner that installed a new roof without the approval of the full board remains open.

Rental Property – Chris was unable to attend but provided a report. Communication has been sent to all homeowners with rental properties requesting updated information. The Board will review the waiting list for rentals at a future meeting.

President – John will contact the County regarding the traffic issues at the Gables entrance. Due to low interest, EFHOA will not have a neighborhood garage sale this year. The annual Neighborhood Night Out will be in August. A request will be made to the Fire Department to see if we can have them bring a truck to our event. The annual neighborhood walk through will be conducted June 15-30. Information will be sent to homeowners via Next Door and flyers will be posted on the mail boxes. The HOA will also research placing flyer holders on both sides of the mail boxes so they will be more visible to homeowners.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:22 pm.