March 27, 2007

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Trustee’s Meeting

March 27, 2007


Meeting called to order by Dale Prior at 7:05 pm


Members in attendance: Dale Prior, Michael Churchill, Rob Wick, John Wruble.


Others attending: Joy Church, Becky Wruble


Financial (Joy Church):

  • 12 residents late on 2007 dues.
  • Provided new contact list
  • Glass property in Woodward has been sold


Fire District 40 (Lt. Wallgreen)

  • Dropped off info on poison prevention
  • Spring cleaning tips available on FD40 website;


King County Sheriff:  Not present


Landscaping Committee (Rob Wick)

  • Floodlights have been replaced at Woodward entrance
  • Replacement of floodlights for Gables entrance scheduled for late spring
  • Sprinkler system water turned on two weeks ago checking for leaks, none found.
  • Back flow test to be scheduled
  • Hole noticed past Sport Court, Rob to check out
  • Landscapers have started cutting grass
  • Flyers posted on mailboxes for thatching and aeration on April 21-22
  • All mailbox flyer holders in Gables are missing (will not be replaced at this time).


ACC (John Wruble)

  • One submission – retaining wall in Gables (approved)
  • Christmas lights not taken down per CR&R’s (NLT 30 days after holiday).

Resident was reminded and lights have since been removed.

  • Reminder to residents:
    • Moss on roof and driveway
    • Peeling paint on home siding and trim.
  • Please contact Landscaping ( or ACC ( if you have questions concerning moss, painting, etc.  Reminder to submit an ACC request if painting using color(s) other than what is currently on home.


Old Business

  • No activity on pipeline


New Business

  • No dates confirmed for Garage Sale, no Social Events to report on at this time.


Meeting adjourned 7:45 pm