March 26, 2013

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

March 26, 2013


The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Dale Prior. Dale, Chris Rodrigues, Nicole Collier, and Gordon Hill were present. Joy Church, bookkeeper, was also present. Rob Wick and Shirleann Nold were not present. The minutes were read and approved as written.


King County Sheriff’s Report:  No report this month


Fire District 40 Report: Greg Hartman with Fire District #40 reported that although 3 days of preparedness is good a week is better.

If the supplies are needed it is good to help your neighbors who might need it.

Good suggestion Thank you, Greg


Bookkeeper/Treasurer Report: Joy Church reported that only a couple of people have not paid dues for 2013.

Our treasurer Heidi Adamson has had to leave us. We want to say Thank you to Heidi for her help over the last couple of years. Her replacement is her husband (Gordon Hill) who volunteered to help us. He has done treasurer work before and is actually president of another association. We voted him in to replace Heidi. Vote was unanimous.


Landscaping Report: Gordon Hill reported, in Rob Wicks absence that he has meet with our landscapers for a bid and a plan for 2013. We would like to clean up the area in front of the sport court and remove volunteer trees behind the Gables entryway sign.

Spring cleanup will happen in the last week of April.  (April 27th) Watch the flyer boxes on your mailboxes for signup dates and details

The aerating and thatching project is very successful with numerous homeowners taking advantage of the equipment for their lawns. We will be offering this free service to homeowners again this year. We feel it is good use of some of our HOA dues.

FYI we will be having the clean up in the last week of April from now on. That way all will be able to plan ahead.

To sign up early please contact Rob at


Architectural Control Report: Nicole Collier We will be conducting a walkthrough in the neighborhoods to remind homeowners about the rules and covenants in the form of a report card. We will make suggestions to help improve the appearance of our neighborhood.

Remember to submit your architectural form before painting, building, or generally changing something significant in your yard. Requests for landscaping changes can be sent to


Old Business:

  • Stop/yield signs –I received a call from Jim Nold who has made some progress on the Stop / Yield signs. Good job, Jim!!  Thank you,


New Business:

  No new business this month


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm. The Board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month. The next board meeting will be held on April 23rd at 7:00pm at the Nativity Lutheran Church. Residents are encouraged to attend.