March 26, 2002

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Trustees Meeting

March 26, 2002



The meeting was called to order at:  7:05 pm


Board members present:  Dale Prior, Russ Stocek, Shawn Martin, John Ross, Sherry Rosenlund, and homeowner Rick Heintz.


Board member not in attendance:  Brent Beardall, Allan Revenig, and Rod Moore


The minutes were read by: John Ross and approved by members in attendance.


Fire District #40 Report: Lt. Neil Samueosen reported that Spring is now upon us and many will be trimming trees and clearing shrubs.  Outdoor burning is NOT allowed in this area per the Puget Sound Clean Air Act.  Also, the 1st weekend in April (7th) we will set our clocks back and a reminder to replace fire alarm batteries.  The fire station has extras, if anyone is in need.


King County Sheriff’s Report:  No report at this time.


Treasurer’s Report:  (Brent Beardall) No report at this time.


Landscaping Report:  Shawn reported is still working on bids for mailboxes cleaning and painting.  The new nets for the Sports Court will be installed the 1st week in April.


Architectural Control Report:  John reported there has been no new formal requests received this month.


Community Relations Report:  Sherry brought welcome basket sample for the Boards approval.  These will be delivered to all neighbors new in the last 6 months and all future new neighbors.


Social Committee Report:  (Rod Moore)  No report at this time.

Spring Clean-up – Board agreed to set April 27th as Spring Clean-up.  The Board will rent aeriator, and edger for homeowners to use for $5 each and schedule ½ hour usage.  Call Shawn Martin at 425-235-8261 or e-mail for your reservation.

Garage Sale – No New Information

Easter Egg Hunt – No New Information

Golf Tournament – May 11th.  Contact Russ Stocek for participation form. Don’t miss this exciting way to meet your neighbors.


140th Construction Report: Shawn and Dale reported the county has agreed to place 2 digital speed signs on 140th.  PSE has moved the utilities for the Woodward monument.  The county will begin work on each entrance very soon.  They will replace trees and shrubs to return the appearance as close as possible to prior to construction.

No resolution yet on the path.


Security Report:  Rick reported that due to budget constraints Elliott Farms will need to manage the Block Watch program for this neighborhood.  For more information contact Rick Heinz or Allan Revenig


Old Business:  Legal representation.  The Board interviewed Marion Morgenstern as our legal advisor.  Marion works primarily in real estate and commercial litigation and devotes much of her practice to advising homeowners’ and condominium owners associations.  The board voted unanimously to hire Marion Morgenstern.  Dale Prior will follow-up with her.


New Business:  Annual Homeowners Meeting  April 23,2002!  All homeowners please do not miss this meeting.


Meeting was adjourned at: 9:30 p.m.


Minutes submitted by  Sherry Rosenlund


Next meeting will be:  April 23, 2002, 7 p.m., Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 –140th SE