March 23, 2004


Meeting Minutes

March 23, 2004


Rick Heinz called the meeting to order.


Board Members present:  Rick Heinz, Shawn Hutchinson, Rob Wick, Dale Prior and Sherry Rosenlund.  Also present: Joy Church


Fire District #40 was present and shared that land has now been purchased for the new fire station on Benson Rd.  Ground breaking will be this fall (specific date is undetermined) and completion in approximately 2 years.    Also, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program is now underway with about 25 citizens participating.


Sheriff’s Department not present at this meeting.


February 2004 minutes were read by Sherry Rosenlund and approved.


Joy Church reviewed the Financial Report to date and 2004 budget.  There are 4 homeowners with unpaid dues.  A reminder letter with payment schedule will be mailed to those homeowners.  Remember, to avoid late fees, dues must be received before April 1, 2004.  Also, any returned checks will carry a $25 service charge.


Landscaping:  Rob is meeting the landscapers on March 30th for a complete walk through, evaluation, and expectation review of The Gables, Woodward and common areas.

Saturday, April 24 (EARTH DAY) is scheduled for our semi-annual Elliott Farm’s clean-up day. The focus will be to clean up the area up along 140th between the Gables and the Woodward. Rob will be sending out more information about that and a neighborhood day to use aerators. Look for information at the mailboxes.


Architectural Control:  Shawn has a list of paint color numbers for all homes; however, the paint company says the hues on these numbers have been changed since our homes were built.  Recommend taking a paint chip to a paint company for matching.


Please take note that many of our homes have trim that is showing some wear and peeling. This year would be a good time to think about re-painting your trim.


Community Relations:  Reminder, I need help . . . for the initiation pot-luck BBQ for the gazebo and Tot-Lot will be June 26th.  Fire District 40 will be there with the new fire engine and Officer Shirley will stop by.  Sherry requests help with:




Additional tables & chairs

Miscellaneous items

Please call Sherry at 206-714-8559 or e-mail to help make this an exciting kick-off for the summer.


Blockwatch:  Rick reports a neighbor contacted him regarding an unfamiliar car seen in the early morning hours at the sport court in Woodward. 911 was called, but the car was gone before the sheriff arrived. It was later reported that one vehicle had been broken into.  Thank you to the homeowner for reporting this and calling 911.


Old Business: 

Picnic table will be ordered for delivery and set-up prior to 6/26 event.


Change Tract N zoning and tax status change from single-family homes to Open Space.  Dale Prior has investigated this process and is preparing the paperwork to submit.  Time frame is for the request to be submitted prior to December, a panel reviews the documents in January and if approved, implementation in 6 months after that (June or July, 2005). Our initial intent of acquiring tract N was to maintain a green belt area above the Woodward. Now we want to pursue re-zoning since we never plan to develop or sell that property. (Rezoning should lower our annual tax expense.)


New Business:  No new business to report

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm


Meeting re-opened to discuss proposed Rules and Regulations for the CC&Rs.  Thank you to the 3 homeowners in attendance and your creative discussion regarding this document.  It is important to note that this document is a guideline to enforce the current CC&Rs.


On March 8th, 2004 a draft copy of the Elliott Farm Rules and Regulations were either emailed or mailed out to all Elliott Farm homeowners. All homeowners were provided multiple options to provide feedback to the board prior to the meeting on March 23rd.


Rick had received approximately 9 comments back prior to the meeting. Three homeowners attended the meeting on March 23rd and all comments were discussed and resolved during the meeting. The one outstanding item was regarding an expedient method to have vehicles moved that are blocking emergency access to the neighborhood. That item will not be detailed in the Rules and Regulations, but Rick will be following up with the Fire Department and King County Sheriff.


In Article 6.1 of the CC&Rs, the Board is empowered to amend the policies and procedures to follow up on the CC&Rs.  Up to this point there has been no written process for enforcement.


After the thorough discussion the Board voted to approve the Rules and Regulations as written. A final copy will be mailed out to all homeowners and it will also be posted on our website.


General meeting was adjourned at 8:00


Next meeting will be April 27, 2004; 7:00pm; Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 – 140th SE