March 22, 2016

Minutes of the Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

March 22, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Chris Rodrigues. All board members were present: Gordon Hill (landscaping), Sean Bauer (architectural control), Meg Paul (treasurer), and Shirleann Nold (secretary). In addition, 15 additional homeowners were present.

The minutes from February were read and amended to read that April 30th will be the date for the annual community clean up with aerator and thatcher and the 140th clean up date will be determined later. Chris has arranged to have the annual garage sale coordinated with all the other neighborhood garage sales on July 8, 9, and 10th.

90% of annual dues have been paid and fines have been levied on those homeowners who are now in arrears.

Gordon reported that one LED light has been installed at Woodward and a second is on order. We anticipate large savings with the new lights installed. He now has 3 bids on gutters on the gazebo. The board approved the low bid of $275 from a licensed and bonded firm recommended on Angie’s list. Gordon will be doing a spring walk-through with our landscape contractor to point out and correct the line of sight at the Gables entry, drop dead trees on the back side of the property, cut branches back on the trail, and repair light fixtures at Woodward. Flyers will go up regarding the use of the aerator and thatcher for the 30th. A suggestion was made that we follow up with a pot luck that day. The HOA landscaper is available, at a fee, to aerate and thatch for those unable to do so themselves. Sprinkler systems will be turned on when things get dryer. Gordon is still looking at fencing bids for the Sport Court and several suggestions were made by homeowners present at the meeting.

Sean reported one submission for new fencing.

Many homeowners were present to discuss security. Chris explained that the HOA will not install security cameras at the entrances. The cameras would offer a deterrent to crime, however may create a false sense of security for homeowners. Many HOA’s nationally have opted not to get involved with security. HOA’s providing any form of security for a community opens up the opportunity for the association and homeowners to be held liable for property loss or damage. Several good suggestions were made to improve personal security.

*Download King County information on home protection

*Install personal security cameras. Some come equipped with an audible “you are being videotaped”

*Keep your eyes open. Many break-ins have occurred between 12-3 AM and 10-1:00 PM

*Keep your lights on at night. Keep bushes trimmed near entrances and keep front door visible.

*Buy a “jam” bar that prevents a door from being kicked in.

*Many homes have a security siren installed with the original system. The siren is located near the crawl space access door in most of the homes.

*Privatize your affiliation with Next Door. This will allow us to speak candidly about matters in our community.

*FYI: A locked gate will not be entered by police looking for a suspected prowler.

*Last but not least, get to know your neighbors through “Block Watch”. Signs will be installed shortly.

The issue of street parking was discussed in regard to access by emergency vehicles. Homeowners are encouraged to park only on the side of the street with sidewalks. Parking on both sides of the street could hinder access by emergency vehicles.

The HOA is working with our lawyers to draft an amendment to our CC&R’s regarding lease agreements for renters.

Chris will put together a flyer to be distributed to every household clarifying how to access Next Door, our web site, and suggested security tips.

The board thanked Shirleann Nold, outgoing secretary, for two years of service to the HOA, and welcomed Penny Gowan, who has volunteered starting in April.

The next HOA board meeting will be held on April 30th at Nativity Lutheran Church at 7 PM. All are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold