March 22, 2011

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting

March 22, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by John Wruble. The Board members present were John Wruble, Linda North, Scott Paul, and Chris Rodrigues. Also present was our bookkeeper, Joy Church. The minutes were read and approved as written.


King County Sheriff’s Report: No report was provided this month.


Fire District 40 Report: No report was provided this month.


Bookkeeper/Treasurer Report: Joy Church went over the February balance sheets as well as the Profit and Loss report. It was asked if we could have the Balance Sheet and P&L done on a spread sheet that will cover a 12 month overview. It was agreed they will be prepared in that format at our April meeting.


A review was done on the annual HOA dues status. There has been some progress made with some of our past due homeowners. There are still a few on which we will have the lien process started.  The collections policy was reviewed and it was decided to start enforcing the late fee assessment of $25.00 per month. Letters will be sent out to each resident that is currently past due.


The annual IRS taxes have been paid.


Landscaping Report: Scott Paul reported that the arborvitaes on the north of The Gables entrance have been trimmed and fertilized.


Remember – the annual Thatch and Aerate program will be held on April 16th. If you would like to take advantage of the equipment the HOA will provide, please e-mail to to let Scott know you are interested. He will need to know your name, address, and telephone number so you can be placed on the schedule and notified if any additional information is needed.


Scott has looked into a pressure washer to clean the blacktop trail across from the Tot Lot in The Gables and Sport Court in Woodward. Moss prevention has already been done.  There also remain a few shrubs at the entrance to Woodward that need trimming or replacing. Scott is working with Malone’s on the final decisions on this project. A final decision has not yet been made on replacing the fence on the north entrance to The Gables.  Scott is still looking into the most cost effective way to have the stumps removed from the Tot Lot.


Architectural Control Report: There has been only one request this year The new garage doors were approved and installed. The owners are waiting for good weather so they can be painted.


Another reminder to all residents that trash cans are to be removed from the curb once the trash has been hauled off, and placed where they cannot be seen from the street. Our CR&R’s provide for a fine to residents for non-compliance.


Old Business:

  • CC&R Updates – Nothing has been completed at this time. We will also have it reference the revised HOA collection policy.
  • Pet Refuse Bag Stations Project – Chris has been investigating the possibility and cost of providing pet refuse bag stations for The Gables and Woodward. He will report his final findings at the April meeting.
  • Stop/Yield Sign in The Gables – The sign has not yet been installed.
  • The Gables entrance landscape proposal – Discussion was held and some alterations will be made to the proposed plan. It will not be finalized and implemented until May. If anyone has any ideas of plants they would like to see installed they can contact Linda North



New Business

  • Auto e-mail for monthly Board minutes – It was suggested we have our webmaster automatically send an email to the HOA email list when the monthly minutes have been posted on the web site. It’s a great idea but we decided to continue having the president send them out since we usually have other information and announcements to send.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm. The next meeting will be held at 7:00pm at the Nativity Lutheran Church on Tuesday, April 26th. Residents are encouraged to attend.