June 28, 2011

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting

June 28, 2011



The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by John Wruble. The Board members present were John Wruble, Linda North, Scott Paul, and Chris Rodrigues. Also present was our bookkeeper, Joy Church, as well as John Wu, homeowner.  The minutes were read and approved as written.


King County Sheriff’s Report: No report was provided this month.


Fire District 40 Report: Stan Engler, Battalion Chief for Renton Fire Department presented us with a July Safety report which will be posted on our website. He reminded us to be careful around open windows since each year many children fall from them. He also warned us to be careful when using barbeques that they are not too close to combustibles. Children and pets should never be left in unattended cars. A reminder was given that fireworks are not allowed in the City of Renton and asked that we be extremely careful when using them in the County.


Bookkeeper/Treasurer Report: Joy Church went over our financials. One delinquent payment was received in June. We reviewed the collection report. We currently have 4 liens placed on homes with two more in process of being placed. A motion was made and approved, and John will have our attorney start the lien process for another homeowner this month. There are three residents he will speak with prior to making a decision about placing liens on their property. Please be aware that a $25.00 penalty charge is being assessed each month the dues are not paid in full. Statements will again be mailed out to all homeowners with outstanding delinquent dues.


Landscaping Report: Scott Paul reported that trimming on the trees at the Woodward entrance has been completed. There are still a few arborvitaes that need trimming near the sport court. He will also speak with Malone’s to make sure they have turned the sprinkler system on as the lawn and new plantings look quite dry. He also reported that the county has already replaced the broken street sign in Woodward.


A special thank you goes to Linda and Norm North, John Wruble, and Chris Rodrigues for their work at purchasing, planting, and mulching the planting area at The Gables entrance.


Children have been observed scaling and playing on the top of the Tot Lot retaining wall. Parents are asked to watch their children while playing that they do not climb or play on the wall.


Architectural Control Report: It was reported that there were 3 submissions made this month for home improvements. It was also reported that there are several home owners who are not maintaining their front yards. Letters will be sent to them asking them to clean up mow and trim their yards.


Old Business:

  • Stop/Yield sign in The Gables: John will contact the county to remind them that it has still not been installed.
  • Woodward resident hill erosion: John will check with our attorney’s to see if the HOA has any responsibility on this issue prior to making further determination as to how it will be handled.

New Business:

  • Burglaries and security- We have had several incidents of burglary and break-ins over the past several months. Homeowners are encouraged to keep an eye out for anything or anyone who looks suspicious and report it to 911. Keep a date, time, and description of anyone, and license numbers of any vehicles in the area that look suspicious or like they don’t belong here. A discussion was held on what we can do to help keep our neighborhoods safer. Many residents are putting security and surveillance systems in their homes and posting signs outside and in windows. We will research the cost and maintenance of a surveillance system placed at the entrance to both neighborhoods as well as monitoring costs. It was felt that by posting signs the area is under surveillance at the entrances could be a deterrent to would be-thieves. We are also looking into getting a Block Watch started again in our areas. We are considering having someone from the Sheriff’s office come and speak with us in August at our Neighbors Night Out event. More will be posted regarding this event as more information becomes available.
  • Garage Sale: We will not be having a neighborhood garage sale week-end this year. However, if anyone is interested in having one and would like to use our sandwich boards to announce it, please contact John Wruble.
  • Sport Court Improvements: John will be investigating where to purchase/repair the sport court net. An initial inspection of the surface of the court indicates there is no urgency to resurface it as this time.
  • Request for HOA to maintain yards of abandoned homes: It is not the responsibility of the HOA to maintain private property. It is suggested that if there is an abandoned home near you and the yard is not being maintained, the neighbors mow and maintain the front yard. If the home is listed with a real estate office, you can contact them and ask that they come maintain it as well.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm. The next meeting will be held at 7:00pm on July 26, 2011 at Nativity Lutheran Church. Residents are encouraged to attend.