June 26, 2018

Elliott Farms Homeowners’ Association

June 26, 2018

Attending: John Wruble (President), Meg Paul (Treasurer) and Linh Hirano (ACC), Chris Rodrigues (Rental). One homeowner was in attendance. A quorum was established. The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm.


Secretary – the Secretary was not in attendance. Meeting minutes for the March and May meeting were read and approved. The April meeting will be read and approved at a future meeting.

Treasurer – Meg reported that there is only one homeowner that has not paid their 2018 dues. John will contact the homeowner. Expenses are running as expected to date. The insurance renewal documents have been received. The policy renews on September 11, 2018. The Board will review the policy to see if any updates need to be made.

Landscaping – The backflow tests were conducted. The Board wants to thank Scott Paul for finding an approved contractor that not only was able to conduct the backflow tests but also assist with the repair of the sprinkler control box at the Tot Lot. A bid was received that would replace the box and raise it to meet current code. The Board unanimously approved the bid. The Board would also like to thank Scott for refinishing the benches at the Tot Lot. The Board discussed the maintenance of the trail and will continue to investigate options for controlling the blackberries. There is a dead tree near the Tot Lot, which will need to be removed. There was a discussion regarding children climbing on the retaining wall and along the top of it. Several blocks are loose and at least one has fallen, creating a potentially dangerous situation. Signs will be placed on both sides where there is access to inform people to stay off the retaining wall. Chris will contact the families of the children that have been playing on the wall. Homeowners are asked to remind their children that the retaining wall is off limits. A handyman will be contacted about repairing the monument at the Gables entrance. The sign will be repainted.

The gravel at the Tot Lot was discussed. Two bids have been received. John will contact the County to ensure that the proposed materials meet their requirements.

Architectural Control – Linh reported that wrong roof that was installed has been resolved. Additional follow up is needed regarding the other home. The Board discussed ways to better communicate with homeowners the need to give adequate lead time for the review process as well as what types of home improvements such things as roofs, exterior paint, fences and deck require ACC for approval. A Quick Reference Guide will be developed and distributed to homeowners.

Rental Property – Chris reported that two homeowners with rentals have not yet completed the paperwork. He will follow up with them. We are still above our cap.

President – John will contact the County regarding the traffic issues at the Gables entrance. The annual neighborhood walk through has been postponed and will be conducted in July. Additional flyer holders will be purchased and affixed to each side of the mailboxes.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.