June 24, 2003


Board of Trustees Meeting

June 24th, 2003


Dale Prior called the meeting to order.


Board Members present:  Dale Prior, Rick Heinz, John Ross, Russ Stocek, and Sherry Rosenlund.  Also present: Joy Church, Bookkeeper; Lt. White from Fire District #40.


The minutes were read by Dale Prior and approved.


Fire District #40: Lt. White provided information on firework regulations and provided a copy of a website with the specific information. That website will be emailed out to the neighborhood.


Joy Church provided the Board with a current financial report, which was reviewed and approved.  She also discussed a couple of homeowner delinquency issues that are being addressed.


Dale also asked Joy to draft up a letter to the homeowners letting them know of the upcoming elections in October at the annual meeting. Currently it looks like there will be two board member vacancies.


Shawn Martin, Landscaping (not present) Dale discussed landscaper performance and let us know that the current landscaping company contract will be terminated and he let us know that we have a new landscaper.


Shawn has an estimate for getting the entryway signs cleaned, painted, stained and seal. The clean up should be taking place this summer.


The board also reviewed three landscape bids for the Woodward entryway. (The plan is to restore the entryway based on the collateral impact of the 140th street widening.) One of the three designs was preferred, but the board opted to pursue some additional bids before making a decision.


John Ross, ACC: John presented a homeowner’s request for fence along greenbelt area.  Motion was made and approved request as written. He also presented a deck request that was approved.  Remember . . . always get approval before building!


John also reviewed what he has done regarding getting the gazebo relocated to the tot lot. John has a layout for the concrete pad that he is getting an estimate on. He will also be checking with a truss company to see if they can move the gazebo for us.



Sherry Rosenlund, Community Relations: Sherry is still coordinating the Fire Districts new homeowner packet with the Elliott Farm Welcome basket and informational notebook.


Russ Stocek reported that we had a good turn out for the neighborhood golf outing. Fun was had by all. He is planning another golfing event for September. More folks are encouraged to participate!


Rick Heinz, Block Watch: No recent incidents to report. Just remember that it is summer and teenagers are now out of school.

  1. Don’t leave first floor windows open if you are not home.
  2. Ask your neighbors to watch your home when you are on vacation.
  3. If you are not home make sure it looks like you are.
  4. If you see or hear something suspicious call 911.


If you want to be on the Elliott Farm neighborhood Block Watch email distribution please email Rick at RTHEINZ@WORLDNET.ATT.NET.



Old Business:

  • Discussion to request County to reclassify Tract N for tax purposes
    • The boards decide to have tract N zoned for open space.
  • Many Neighborhood books have been delivered; balance to be delivered in June.
  • Gazebo to be relocated at the Tot Park in June
    • Still pursuing a relocation plan for this summer.
  • Toys for Sport Court remain in review.
    • No plan to be pursued at this point.


New Business:

  • We are still looking for someone to report on community related issues to put in the Fairwood Flyer.  To find out more please call Dale Prior @ 425-226-6712
  • Summer barbeque: If anyone is interested in planning a summer barbeque please contact one of the board members.
  • The landscape strip along 140th the adjacent to the sidewalk: It was mention that the area along the sidewalk between the Gables and Woodward entry is becoming overgrown with weeds and lots of road trash. The board will look into having the landscaper periodically weed this area. All neighbors are encouraged to grab a garbage bag and keep this area clean.
  • CRW has notified the board that the easement access next to the sport court is not wide enough for them to get in without the risk of running over landscape bushes and sprinklers. Our landscape company will be asked to look into this.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm


Minutes submitted by Rick Heinz.


Next meeting will be July 29th, 2003; 7:00pm; Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 – 140th SE