June 22, 2004

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association Meeting

June 22, 2004


The meeting was called to order at:  7:00 pm by President, Rick Heinz

Board members present:  Rick Heinz, Dale Prior, Shawn Hutchinson, Rob Wick, and Sherry Rosenlund.

Also present:  Joy Church and homeowners John and Becky Wruble

April Minutes were read by Sherry and approved with one small correction on the date of the June 22nd meeting.

Fire District #40 Report:  Fire Chief warned of fire works.  NO illegal fireworks are allowed.  Fire works can be discharged only on July 4th between the hours of 9 – 11 pm.  There have also been 2 fires set by arsonist and investigations are in process to catch them.

King County Sheriff’s Report:  Not present

Financial Report, Joy Church:  was given and was accepted by the Board.  Also, Joy provided a 2005 budget worksheet with comparison expenditures for the past 2 years. The board will now start developing a budget proposal for 2005.

Landscape Report (Rob Wick):  Landscapers are getting close to having all work in the common areas completed.  Rob will continue to monitor closely.

A huge THANK YOU to all homeowners helping spread the bark chips on 140th.  We are setting the standard high for all developments to maintain their sections of the highway.

Architectural Control Report (Shawn Hutchinson):  Shawn reports receiving 2 proposals for play toys and each has been reviewed and approved.  Also, 3 letters have been sent out for different infractions.

Community Relations & Social Committee Report:  Sherry reports the upcoming Potluck BBQ on June 26.  There will be games and prizes for different age groups.  And, Fire District 40 will be there to show off the new fire engine.

Block Watch Report:  Kids are out of school, so slow down and watch out when driving through both The Gables and Woodward.  The weather is warmer and the tendency is to leave windows open; be careful to secure doors and windows at night and when leaving.  Remember if you are going to be out of town to let a couple of your neighbors know and if you see something suspicious call 911.

Fairwood Task Force (John Wruble):  The 2nd public meeting on annexation versus incorporation will be held at The Fairwood Golf & Country Club on Thursday, June 24th at 7:00pm with coverage from the Seattle Times and South County Journal.  Meetings have been scheduled with County officials.

Old Business: 

v      Park bench has been placed at the Tot Lot. (Thanks Shawn and John!)

v      Dale continues work on Tract N rezoning

v      Shawn continues to work with the attorney for the process for carrying over liens from year to year.

New Business: 

v      ‘No Parking on Sidewalk’ signs have been placed and letters sent to those neighbors affected.

v      2005 budget is in work.

v      2005 board nominee letters are in work.

v      Start preparing election notices for October Annual Meeting.  Ballots will be mailed in August.

v      Rick has also drafted up a “Welcome” letter that will be sent out to all new homeowners.


 Meeting was adjourned at: 8:20 p.m.

 Minutes submitted by:  Sherry Rosenlund

 Next meeting will be:  July 27, 2004, 7 p.m., Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 –140th SE