July 26, 2016

Elliott Farm Homeowners’ Association

July 26th, 2016

Attending: Chris Rodrigues(President), Meg Paul(Treasurer), Penny Gowen(Secretary), Gordon Hill(LC), Sean Bauer(ACC); Homeowners(2)

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm


Secretary: Minutes of the June 28th meeting were approved as read.

President: Chris reported that the legal firm in Kent has been hired to review and update our CC&Rs for a flat fee of $1200. The attorney will submit a preliminary draft for the board to review and edit for final draft and legal review. Chris mentioned he has found a copy of the CC&Rs of a neighboring community to use as a guide.

Treasurer: Meg reported that the landscaping line item is over budget. Potentially need to hold off on hiring the arborist to assess the green belt this year. to hold off on hiring the arborist to assess the green belt this year. The HOA recently appeared in court concerning a property with outstanding dues. The HOA was awarded payment of the outstanding dues and the title was cleared.

Landscaping Chairman: Gordon reported that he met with a couple of people regarding the sprinkler system around the gazebo at the Gables. No leaks have ben found in the lines yet water continues to pool. This weekend gravel will be placed in the area near the picnic table until a contractor can be found to fill with concrete.

Gordon contacted the community landscaper to clean the path between the two communities, which is currently overrun with blackberry vines. He also requested that all the trees be removed from the Woodward entry.

The fence around the sport court will be tabled for the time being. The basketball hoop needs a new net.

Architectural Control Chairman: Sean reported that he received one submission for a home to be painted in the Woodward. This is Sean’s last meeting as his term has come to an end. The board thanked Sean for his service and support over the years!

Old Business: Holding off on fence around the sport court.

New Business: Attorney has been hired. Awaiting the first draft of CC&R updates. President will assume role of ACC until a replacement can be found.

Car reported stolen in the Gables. Homeowners are reminded to lock car doors and keep valuables out of sight.

National Night Out on August 2 will be hosted by the Elliott Farm HOA. Ice cream and water will be served at the Woodward sport court at 7:00 PM.

Meeting called to adjourn at 7:45pm

Next meeting is August 23rd, 2016 at 7pm at Nativity Lutheran Church.

All Homeowners are encouraged to attend

Respectfully submitted,

Penny Gowen, EFHOA Secretary