July 24, 2012

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

July 24, 2012



The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm by Dale Prior. The Board members present were Dale, Linda North, Heidi Adamson, and Chris Rodriguez. Joy Church, our bookkeeper was also present. Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved as written.


King County Sheriff’s Report: No report was provided this month.


Fire District 40 Report: Karl Rufener, Battalion Chief/Safety Officer brought the monthly newsletter which refers to warm weather hazards. Each year several children fall from 2nd and 3rd story open windows by leaning on a screen that is not able to support their weight. He also reminded us to not leave our pets or children in an unattended car which can quickly reach over 100 degrees. Also remember to safely dispose of barbeque ashes.  He also hopes be able to bring the fire truck and attend our Family Night Out on Tuesday, August 7th.


Bookkeeper/Treasurer Report: Joy reported we received payment on two of our very delinquent accounts. A review of the financial spread sheet shows that to date we are staying well within our budget. Heidi spoke with our attorney’s office to determine what, if any collection agreement we have with them and determined we do not, so we can now proceed with our own collections. Letters will be mailed to all delinquent homeowners stating that if the accounts are not paid in full, or payment arrangements made, they will be placed with a collection agency.


Landscaping Report: We have discovered that Malone’s is not complying with our maintenance requests at this time. Rob will speak with Amanda to determine when they will start on these issues. We will also start looking at other landscape companies and begin taking bids from them. A discussion and determination about whether or not to make a change will be made at the Annual Meeting in October.


Chris, Rob, and Dale will get together and look at and review the issue of the green belt trees which have badly encroached on one of the homes, in order to determine whether it can be done with a work party or we need to bring in an arborist.


Architectural Control Report: A letter will be sent to one homeowner who has had their home repainted a color that is out of compliance with the CCR’s. Again we urge all homeowners who are planning on painting their home to get it approved prior to the work being done. There have been several requests and in some cases colors have needed to be adjusted in order to be in compliance. Another letter will be sent to a homeowner who is storing a street sweeper near his home. If it is not removed in a reasonable period of time we will have it towed away at the owners expense.


Another walk will be done throughout both The Gables and Woodward to see how homeowners are doing on correcting issues addressed last month with the report cards they received from the Board. If there is a reason the work cannot be done, or a homeowner disagrees with the report, please contact a Board member for clarification.


Old Business:

  • Stop/Yield sign in Gables – Nothing new to report at this time.
  • Sport Court Improvements – The sport court has been pressure washed. The new net and mechanism have been installed and it is working very nicely. Chris is looking for a storage box that can be placed nearby to hold the recently purchased sports equipment. Heidi and Gordon will look for and purchase new nets for the basket ball hoops.
  • Review Current Liens- A thorough review of all delinquent accounts was done. As stated above, we will be sending a letter to each delinquent homeowner asking that they bring the account current, or make arrangements for payments, within 30 days, or they will be turned over to a collection agency. Our collection policy will be reviewed at next month’s meeting to see if there is need for any additions or corrections to it.
  • Playground Safety Check – Chris has verified the equipment is in good condition and safe to use.
  • Discuss Garage Sale – It appears to have been a big success. There were several homes in The Gables and Woodward and all reported having good traffic. We will discuss having this event annually.

New Business:

  • Submit 2013 budget items – A review was done of our entire budget. It was determined that a few line items need to be increased for 2013. Heidi and Joy will go over it again and make a presentation to the Board at the next meeting. The budget will be discussed and approved at the Annual Meeting.
  • National Night Out/Ice Cream Social – Tuesday, August 7th will be our night out at the Tot Lot in The Gables. There will be lots of ice cream for everyone. We have invited and are hoping that Fire District 40 will be able to attend and bring their fire truck for everyone to inspect. All residents are invited to this annual fun filled social event.
  • Discuss Director nominations/ candidates (changes) – After a short discussion the decision was made to keep the Board members and director positions the same for the remainder of this year.
  • Block Party – Dale will discuss this with Joyce Keil to determine if there is still interest in having this event this year. In past years it was very successful, with many families showing up.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm. The Board meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month. The next Board meeting will be held on August 28th at 7:00pm at Nativity Lutheran Church. Residents are encouraged to attend.