July 24, 2007

Elliott Farm Homeowner Association

July 24th, 2007


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Dale Prior


Board Members present: Dale Prior, John Wruble, and Mike Churchill.  Also present, Joy Church.


King County Sheriff’s Department: Sam Shirley talked about a theft problem in the community that has been resolved.


Fire District #40 Report: New fire station is still in progress. 4th of July was quiet, and there have been no home fires to report. Did report on a child falling from a second story window, make sure windows are shut or not open far enough for a child to fall through.


Financial Report, Joy Church: 2 homeowners have not paid their dues.

A letter will be sent to give them 30 days to pay before a lien is filed.


Committee Reports:

Landscaping: Rob has been in contact with Malone’s to adjust the sprinklers. Some of the upcoming projects are the Gables entryway and a general cleanup, safety check of the Tot Park and toys.


Architecture Control:

2 submissions were made this month and approved. One air conditioner and one satellite dish. A couple of volunteers will be doing a neighborhood walkthrough reviewing homeowner maintenance. Paint, moss, yards, garbage cans and so on.  If you have any questions, please go to the website, www.elliottfarms.net


Old Business:

Joyce will be working on the sport court resurfacing, net quote and purchasing of safety cones for both Woodward and Gables.

Joyce is also researching a replacement slide for the Tot Park

No new news from HDR on the pipeline project. Dale will contact them.


New Business:

We are looking for a couple of committee people, to help with the board.

For more info please contact Dale Prior (President) 425-226-6712