July 24, 2001

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board Meeting

July 24, 2001





  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.


  1. The following Board members were present: Dale Prior, Russ Stocek, John Ross, and Allen Revenig. Board members Lynn Martin, Rod Moore, Shawn Martin, Sherry Rosenlund, Jim Nold, and Brent Beardall were not in attendance.  Homeowner Rick Heinz observed the meeting. We did not have a quorum.


  1. The minutes were read by Dale Prior and were unanimously approved.


  1. Fire Dist #40 Report: Fred Heistuman explained to the group some of the programs that the fire department has to help people. Inspections, public education. They respond to 2,500 alarms per year supporting full service operations. 5-10 minute response time and no charge for false alarms. Reminded all that in dry years such as this you need to keep a defensible space around your home. Bushes and trees need to be kept away. Reported no problems on the 4th of July and there is a burn ban in effect at this time. The fire department will also swing through our neighborhoods to check for proper clearance for the truck (No Parking on the street) See Covenants and basically check out area.


  1. No report from King County Sheriff


  1. Treasurer’s Report (none) Dale Prior reported that Brent Beardall is working on getting a post office box at the post office.


  1. Architectural Report: John Ross brought a letter to distribute to the homeowners reminding them of the covenants. Will review at next meeting. Will try to utilize the architectural form in the Fairwood Flyer for submitting proposals.


  1. Community Relations Report: Dale Prior reported that the Fairwood Flyer newspaper is set up but something went wrong at the post office delivery. We are working with Mary Lou Salomon to correct the problem. Sherry Rosenlund has contacted other associations re updates on homeowners moving in and out.


  1. Social Committee Report: A community garage sale is planned for weekend of August 17th. Leslie Castanha is the organizer and will be making flyers for the neighborhood. Rod Moore is planning a Labor Day party at the gazebo. Anyone interested in helping can call Rod at 425-450-2642. Russ Stocek will be setting up the Golf Day. Rod Moore also suggested and will replace the basketball net at the sportcourt.


  1. Landscaping Report: Dale Prior reported that Shawn Martin had worked on the irrigation systems at both the Gables and Woodward. Both systems seem to be functioning well. Shawn is also working on getting garbage cans for the tot park, gazebo and the sportcourt.


  1. 140th Construction Report: Read letter from the county explaining that the entryway at the Gables should be getting straightened out towards the end of the month. Please take care when turning left into the Gables, oncoming traffic is hard to see. And when exiting Woodward make sure the traffic is stopped before proceeding into the intersection, many people don’t stop at the light when it is red.


  1. Security Report: Allen Revenig reported on his research of this subject. It doesn’t appear that a security patrol is needed in our area at this time. Had discussion about blockwatch programs and neighbors helping neighbors. Possible lock gate and video surveillance of the entryways was suggestions.


  1. New Business: John Ross suggested that the names and e-mail addresses of the board members be posted on our website.

Allen Revenig suggested curbside numbers. The fire department had said that they don’t like these because cars park over them. It is better to have a contrast color behind the numbers on your house.

Rick Heinz suggested taking a look at the plans for the landscaping of the

Mountain. The plans show very little landscaping at our entryways and none for the mountain. Dale Prior suggested that Rick get with Jim Nold and Shawn Martin to work on the county to see what can be done to improve the plans for our entryways and the hillside.  Dale Prior suggested the need for a legal person on as needed basis. The board concurred. Will be taking resumes through the next month looking for a person for this.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Next meeting will be August 28th at 7:00p.m. At Nativity Lutheran church.