July 23, 2002

Elliott Farms Homeowner’s Association

Annual Homeowner’s Meeting

July 23, 2002



Dale Prior called the meeting to order.


Board members present:  Dale Prior, Russ Stocek, John Ross, Nancy Revenig, Rod Moore, Jim Nold and Sherry Rosenlund also1 homeowner was in attendance.


The minutes were read by: Dale Prior


Fire District #40 Committee Report:

Russ reports they now have a rebuilt aid vehicle with the new red & black colors.


King County Sheriff’s Report:

No report at this time.


Treasurer’s Report:

Dale reports for Brent there are 14 homes that still owe their 2002 dues.

Dale presents a need to hire bookkeeper. Motion is presented and 2nd. Vote carried.

Dale will move forward with interview process.


Landscaping Report:

Rod presents there is still no irrigation at the Sport Court.

New landscapers started Friday, 7/19, they will do major clean up of all common areas and maintain. These areas include the trail between the developments and the wall above the Tot Park. They will also be trimming and fertilizing as needed.

Both monuments need to be pressure washed and painted.  Dale will get a couple people together and get this done before fall.


Architectural Control Report:

John states there was 1 minor request this month, which did not require board review.

John has a couple of signs from the beginning of our development. They are nicely painted wooden signs. 1 say’s Gables and 1 say’s Woodward. John and Dale will see if there are any good places to mount the signs.


Community Relations Report:

Sherry reports there is 1 new family to welcome.  She will get a new homeowner’s packet to them within the next couple of days.


Social Committee Report:

Rod and others who attended the BBQ raved about the Fire Dept. participation and all had a great time.  Many THANKS to our Fire District #40.

Also, noted was a wonderful 4th of July celebration with fireworks and goodies to eat.

Rod is planning our next gathering. It will be September 14th at the Gables’ Tot Lot. Mark your calendar and plan to attend. There will be lots of games for all ages.


140th Construction Report:

Jim reports the road is now in the final stages of completion.

The county still has to complete the fence at the top of the hill by Woodward and replace the lights at both Woodward and Gables monuments.


Security Report:

Dale reports Rick will be sending out a newsletter for our Block Watch program and post it to our website.  Nancy will report to Allan to follow-up with Rick for the Woodward portion.


Old Business:

Have Andrea Wick contact principal at Tiffany Park School for October Annual Meeting.

It is reported that Jen Beardall has talked with the principal; however, it is not clear if he will be present for the meeting.  Need to follow-up with Jen and Andrea on this subject.


New Business:

A concern was brought to the board’s attention regarding a dog pen structures location. It appears that this is a nuisance and will be looked into by the board.

Discussed 2003 budget.

Discussed and implemented schedule to send out Board of Trustees notice of election.

Discussed topics to be covered at October’s Annual Homeowners’ Meeting:

·        Budget

·        Increase annual dues

·        Tract N Issue

·        Potential special assessments

·        Upgrading Woodward Sport Court to include Tot Lot

·         Upgrading Gables Tot Lot to include Sport Court

Discussed new dues, receiving deadlines (Late fees, Legal fees, Liens after 6 months).

Discussed mailing letter and survey to homeowners and follow-up by board members.

A recommendation was made to move the board-meeting place to Fire District #40 conference room.


Meeting was adjourned at: 9:20pm


Minutes submitted by  Sherry Rosenlund


Next meeting will be: August 27, 2002, 7 p.m., Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 –140th SE.