July 22, 2003


Board of Trustees Meeting

July 22nd, 2003


Dale Prior called the meeting to order.


Board Members present:  Dale Prior, Rick Heinz, John Ross, Shawn Martin, and Sherry Rosenlund.  Also present: Joy Church, Bookkeeper; Chief Moe from Fire District #40.


The minutes were read by Sherry Rosenlund and approved.


Fire District #40: Chief Moe reported that the 4th of July was very busy. One home in Fairwood did catch fire and burn down. He also emphasized that the area is VERY DRY right now and it will not take much to get a fire started. Also, if you have left over fireworks from the 4th of July it may be in your best interest to dispose of them especially if you have kids. (Your kids will find them.)


Joy Church provided the Board with a current financial report, which was reviewed and approved.  She reported that we only have one homeowner that is delinquent on dues.


Shawn Martin, Landscaping Currently things seem to be going well with our new landscapers. It was noted that they have been starting really early in the morning. They will be contacted and asked to start no earlier than 7:00am.


Shawn is still working with a contractor to get our entry signs cleaned, painted, stained and seal. He needs to make sure the contractor can also paint the lettering. The clean up should be taking place this summer.


The board is still collecting and reviewing estimates for the Woodward entryway. (The plan is to restore the entryway based on the collateral impact of the 140th street widening.) Due to the warmer weather we will be targeting getting the work done in the fall to minimize the stress on the new plants. Dale is also going to challenge the county to restore the entryway since they were responsible for tearing it up in the first place and the work they did last summer to restore it is not acceptable.


John Ross, ACC: John presented a homeowner’s request for installation of an air conditioning unit in their backyard. Motion was made and approved request as written. He also presented a deck request that was approved.  Remember . . . always get approval before building! Thank you to all the homeowners that are submitting their plans!


John also reviewed what he has done regarding getting the gazebo relocated to the tot lot. John has a bid to pour a concrete pad in the tot lot for the gazebo and a pad for a picnic table. He was also was checking with a truss company to see if they can move the gazebo for us, but that will not be feasible. He will be seeking a general contractor to get an estimate to relocate the gazebo. If the estimate is not cost effective we may move it ourselves. If that happens the board will be seeking some energetic neighbors to help! The plan is to get the relocation done this summer.



Sherry Rosenlund, Community Relations: Sherry did not have any new information, but did let us know that all the homes that were up for sale have sold.


Russ Stocek (not present)

  1. Citizens Advisory Team for District 40 Fire Dept.

The new fire truck is now repaired and people trained on the new features and it is now on duty.

  1. The new Firehouse is getting closer as they have a bid on a new lot of property that should close and be announced shortly.  It is hoped that it will start in the spring of 2004.
  2. It is important that everyone vote in the Primary election in September, as District 40 is trying for a “Lid Lift”.  This is part of the funding that the fire dept has from us – 1% of the property value that can only increase 1% a year – thus does not keep up with inflation.  The second part is a Benefit charge that can not exceed 60% of the operational budget of the fire dept.  We are currently at about 45%.  If the lift is approved the benefit portion will decrease allowing for room to increase it if needed in the future.  It is a good thing to have our fire dept funded so they can properly fight fires in our area.
  3. We will schedule another golf outing in September – anyone interested should contact Russ.



Rick Heinz, Block Watch: Nothing new to report. Just remember:


  1. Ask your neighbors to watch your home when you are on vacation.
  2. If you are not home make sure it looks like you are.
  3. If you see or hear something suspicious call 911.
  4. Don’t leave first floor windows open if you are not home.



Old Business:

  • Discussion to request County to reclassify Tract N for tax purposes
    • The board has decided to apply to have tract N zoned for open space.
  • Gazebo to be relocated at the Tot Park in June
    • Still pursuing a relocation plan for this summer.
  • Toys for Sport Court remain in review.
    • A neighbor in the Woodward is apparently seeing if it is feasible to create an area behind the sport court for a tot lot.
  • Summer barbeque: If anyone is interested in planning a summer barbeque please contact one of the board members.




New Business:

  • The board reviewed and proposed updates for the 2004 budget.


  • Some neighbors have been inquiring about the impact of the new housing development that will go in below Elliott Farms along Maple Valley High Way. Attached is a copy of a map to help visualize the project.


  • Someone suggested that the neighborhood should recognize the neighbors that have worked very hard to keep their yards looking beautiful. If a neighbor or two would like to head up this recognition activity please contact Dale Prior or Rick Heinz.


  • If anyone would like to serve on the board please contact Dale Prior 425-226-6712


  • A few board members brought up some concerns regarding neighbors maintaining their properties in accordance with the CC&Rs. Some neighbors can expect to receive a notice from the association. Below are the issues to be aware of and the applicable section of the CC&Rs is referenced:
  1. Trash Bins: All of us have received the new HUGE blue recycling bins. Now that we all have one, we need to figure out where to keep them. Please be aware that, even though they would take up half of our garages, we shouldn’t leave them outside visible from the street. (This applies to all debris bins that we may have.) Please reference the CC&Rs section 3.5.10.
  2. Maintaining our landscaping: Please reference the CC&Rs section 3.5.2.
  3. It has been reported that a number of neighbors have allowed their lawns to turn into a dust bowl. It is obvious that the hot weather along with shallow topsoil makes keeping our lawns nice a challenge. Please take the time to do your best.
  4. Bushes and hedges also need some level of care to keep them looking nice. Please take the time to give them a trim.
  5. Satellite dish wiring needs to be routed in a manner that is out of site. (Across the roof and over the gutter is not appropriate.)
  6. Common Areas (Specifically the green belt.) It has been brought the attention of the board that one homeowner has been sawing limbs off of trees in the green belt. This is not allowed (Please reference section 2.5 of the CC&Rs..)




Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm


Minutes submitted by Rick Heinz.


Next meeting will be August 26th, 2003; 7:00pm; Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 – 140th SE