January 27, 2004


Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2004


Rick Heinz called the meeting to order.


Board Members present:  Dale Prior, Rick Heinz,  Shawn Hutchinson, Rob Wick, and Sherry Rosenlund.  Also present: Joy Church


Fire District #40 was represented by Lt. Price.  The 8 week CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) class is scheduled to begin Thursday, March 11.  For more information, call 206-276-4908.  The district has hired 3 new firefighters.


Sheriff’s Department was represented by Officer Shirley and introduced his assistant, Greg Carras.  Greg works daily from 4pm-7pm at the office inside Albertsons.  He follows up and routes calls to the appropriate departments.  For ALL emergencies call “911”.  There are 2 new motorcycle officers for patrol and response.  There were several auto break-ins and thefts reported during the holidays; however, no cat burglaries.  Blockwatch programs, such as ours, always have an impact on increasing the safety of any neighborhood.


November, 2003 minutes were read by Sherry Rosenlund and approved by the Board.


Joy Church reviewed the Financial Report  date and 2004 budget.  Several homeowners have paid their dues.  To avoid late notices and fees Homeowners Dues need to be received no later than February 29, 2004.


Landscaping:  Rob Wick has been unable to contact the individual who took out a tree & sign during the ice storm.  Rick replaced the sign and will have landscapers replace shrubs.  Rob will meet with the Landscaping company to review Spring/Summer/Fall needs and schedule.  Also, he will initiate a schedule for Homeowners to help maintain 140th between the Gables entrance and the power lines.  There are some trees in Tract N that were damage during the wind and later ice storm that may need to be removed.


John Ross has stepped down from the board.  Shawn Hutchinson will take over the Architectural Control responsibilities.



Old Business: 

“No Parking” signs at the Gables entrance have been installed.


Waiting for Spring to order a new picnic table and park bench to be installed at the Tot Lot.


Compliance standards for Elliott Farm Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions including architectural control were presented and reviewed.  It was voted to make additional changes and review for vote at February meeting.


New Business:

June 26th  will be the Grand Opening for the Gazebo area.  Volunteers needed to plan BBQ, games, prizes, and invite Fire District 40 to bring the fire engine.


Summer Events:  Possible softball game between other homeowner associations

Golf Tournament


Meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm



Next meeting will be February 24, 2004; 7:00pm; Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 – 140th SE