January 25, 2005

Elliott Farm’s Homeowner Association

Board of Trustees Meeting

January 25, 2005


The meeting was called to order at: 7:00pm by President, Rick Heinz.


Board members present: Rick Heinz, Rod Moore, Rob Wick, Shawn Hutchinson, and John Wruble.


Also present: Becky Wruble, Russ Stocek, and Joy Church.


The October minutes were read and approved.


Fire District #40 Report:  Given by Lt. Kevin Anderson and F.F. Kern.  The CERT program will be held again March 22, 2005.  It is an 8-week program preparing citizens to respond to disasters and emergencies.  Information can be found at: http://www.fd40.com/ The new Fire Station will be break ground in June.  Lt. Anderson reported that there were 212 calls for service in December: 197 were EMS/Rescue and 15 were fire calls.  For 2004 there were 2455 calls for service.  For the Elliott Farm neighborhoods there were 18 EMS, 4 False Alarms and 6 others for 2004.


King County Sheriff’s Department: Not present.


Financial Report, Joy Church:  Expenses are lower this month than last January.  Homeowner Association Dues are due February 1, 2005.  Please make sure to submit your annual dues to avoid late fees.


Landscaping Report, Rob Wick:  Rob discussed adding some seasonal plants this spring to add color to the neighborhood.  Rob stated the plant replacement from Highridge is complete.  The sprinkler system has also been winterized.  He will get a quote for drainage near the tot lot as well as grooming the sod near the cement walkway near the gazebo.  Rob will be walking the neighborhood with our landscape maintenance company to ensure all areas are addressed.  Other areas of concern involve the maintenance and upkeep of the play set and sport court.


Architectural Control Report, John Wruble:  As a reminder holiday lights should be taken down by January 31st.  John mentioned that the mail stations may need painting this year.  Homeowners should check their roofs and driveways for moss.  The board also discussed expanding the newsletter that Rob started last year to include more content.


Social Committee/Community Relations, Rod Moore:  Elliott Farm adopted a stretch of 140th.  It was decided to plan a spring cleanup and BBQ to maintain this area.  We will also have a Garage Sale timed to coincide with adjoining neighborhoods to increase traffic.  Rod also said there are 2 houses for sale, 1 in The Gables and 1 in Woodward.


Blockwatch, Rick Heinz:  One house was burglarized in December in The Gables.  The thief’s took their time.  Stereo cords were neatly wrapped and the equipment stacked by the door.  In Woodward Rob reported seeing a couple of individuals driving an old red pick-up and trying door locks on cars parked in driveways.  If you have to park you vehicle in your driveway make sure to lock your doors and remove all valuables.


Old Business:


Tract N: Tract N rezoning paperwork has been submitted to the county.  This will classify the area as open space and substantially reduce the taxes on it.


Annexation/Incorporation: John discussed the Fairwood Task Force is actively gathering signatures to place the question of Incorporation on the November ballot.  Approximately 1500 signatures are needed.  The task force is expanding.  If you are interested in learning more or participating please contact John Wruble at acc@elliottfarms.net you can also visit the website at www.fairwoodtaskforce.org


Liens: Shawn is refining the language for our lien process.


New Business:

Congratulations to the winners of our Holiday House Contest.  Thanks to all who participated.


Rick nominated Dale Prior to fill the open director position. The motion was second and approved unanimously.


County Easement:  The County has requested an 18-month easement to complete work on stream improvements.  In return we will receive compensation from the county.


Plantings at the Gables:  Rob & Rick will be looking at planting some ground cover at one particular bare spot in The Gables.


No Soliciting Signs:  Were discussed for the entrances of both neighborhoods.  It was determined not to proceed as to avoid clutter at the entrances.


Shawn will be researching a higher interest account for some of the association funds.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:45.


The next Homeowner’s Association meeting will be February 22, 2005 at 7:00pm Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 140th Ave SE.


Please visit our website at: www.elliottfarms.net