January 23, 2007

Elliott Farm Homeowner Association

January 23rd 2007


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Dale Prior


Board Members present: Joyce Keil, John Wruble, James Postma, Mike Churchill, Rob Wick, Joy Church



King County Sheriff’s Department: Not present


Fire District #40 Report: Not present


Financial Report, Joy Church: About 50% of the Home Owner Dues have been collected.


Committee Reports:

Landscaping: The bark has been done for the Gables and Woodward.  There is a tree to be removed from the lower Gables (no homeowners will be effected). We are waiting to hear from a homeowner in the Gables to see if our trees are on their property.

There is an easement area that is across from the Tot Park. Rob will check with Malone’s Landscaping to see how much it would cost to add that area to their existing landscaping contract.

Architecture Control:

Most of the Christmas lights are down.

King County was out to check on a complaint in the Gables that the homeowners extended there landscaping into a protected area.  The outcome was that homeowner cannot build a weight bearing structure within  50 feet from the hillside.  This can have a hefty fine and it is very important. It would be to your advantage to submit a form when you want to do something to your property.  If you have any questions, please go to the website,www.elliottfarms.net

Old Business:

We need to make sure that all of the new homeowners receive a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” booklet so that they know about the CC&Rs and also know how to access the website.  This should be given at the closing of the sale,  but some people have not been given a copy of the CC&Rs.  This is very important to maintain the property values of our homes!



The Board and some helpers will be going door to door in the spring to make sure everyone has been contacted and their information updated.

 HDR has been contacted and given permission to walk

the property and take soil samples.  They will get back to us if they would like to make a proposal for a waterline to go through Elliott Farm Property.


New Business:

There was no new business.