January 22, 2013


Elliott Farm Homeowners Association

January 22, 2013



The HOA board meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Dale Prior, president.  Board members present were Nichol Collier and Shirleann Nold.  Also present:  Joy Church and Heidi Adamson.


King County Sherriff:  No report provided.

Fire District 40:  No report provided.



  • Joy reported that 69% of HOA dues have been paid.
  • She reviewed negotiations over unpaid dues for homes that have been sold or gone into foreclosure.Dues have been, and are being, recovered at the time of closing, either from the homeowner or from the bank.
  • Joy is trying to clear the books for 2013 of 4 checks written, but not cashed.
  • Discussion ensued about the January timing of dues.Joy and Heidi explained that January is the beginning of the fiscal year, a one- time payment reduces cost of billing and assists in creating a valid budget.  The $25 late charge per month is no longer in effect but a one- time charge of $25 will be made after 90 days.
  • Heidi will continue to turn over all accounts with current liens to a collection agency.
  • Heidi also pointed out that a budget was created by the board.It was up to the homeowners to show up in sufficient numbers at the annual meeting to ratify or turn down the budget.  Therefore, we will go forward into 2013 with the budget created by the board.


Landscaping:  Chris worked with the arborist hired by the board to fell dangerous trees.  Some were limbed and topped and the board is hopeful that new growth will emerge in the spring.  Both the trail and the tot lot are looking much better.  Thanks Chris and Rob.


Architecture:  Nichol reported that a street light has been replaced in the Gables.  Heidi will transfer the book of regulations and submissions to Nichol.  Chris Rodriguez has composed a letter requesting compliance that will be delivered to some homeowners.


Old Business:

  • The board would like to thank Jim Nold for continuing the pursuit of a stop sign at 141st and 154th. Jim has a complaint number lodged with the county and has been promised results.  Dale mentioned that a second sign is needed at 143rd and 142nd in Woodward.
  • The board would also like to thank the men who turned up on December 2nd to put up holiday lights at the entrance to Woodward. Sean Bower, Rob Wick, Daron Deckard and Dale Prior. There were no volunteers or donated lights from the Gables.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold