January 22, 2008

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

January 22nd 2008


The Meeting was called to order at 7:05 by Dale Prior


Board Members present: Dale Prior, Joyce Keil, John Wruble, and Joy Church. Also present, Becky Wruble.

King County Sheriff’s Department: Not present


Fire District #40 Report: Not present


The vote was unanimous for the board members to keep the same positions this year.


Financial Report, Joy Church: $8000 of homeowner dues are left to be paid.


Committee Reports:

Landscaping: No report


Architecture Control:

John has composed a letter that will be going out to homeowners in the next couple of weeks to address issues, such as painting, oil stains, moss, cars parked on the street, trash containers being left out, pets unattended.


Old Business:

Dale has found a slide to replace the metal slide at the playground. The sport court looks like it might just need to be cleaned and the net replaced. The same people that he got in touch with for the playground also did the sport court. Joyce will call and set up a time for them to tell us what is needed.


Joyce has purchased 8 safety cones to put out when kids are playing. We will have 4 for Woodward and 4 for Gables. If you would like to take one of these to put out, please call Joyce at 425-430-4433.


There are no new developments on the pipeline.  HDR has not contacted us.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55. Next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 26th at 7PM at Nativity Lutheran Church.