January 22, 2002

Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

Board of Trustees Meeting

January 22, 2002



  1. The meeting was called to order at:  7:00 p.m.


  1. Board members present: Dale Prior, Russ Stocek, Shawn Martin, John Ross and homeowner Rick Heinz


  1. Board members not in attendance: Brent Beardall, Rod Moore, Allan Revenig. Sherry Rosenlund, Maria Elena Geyer, Jim Nold.


  1. The minutes were read by: minutes were not read.:not enough board members in attendance for approval.


  1. Fire District #40 Report:  Stan Moe came and did a presentation on a Thermal Imaging Camera that works off of the heat produced by whatever produces heat. For example, when entering a smoke filled room the user can aim the camera at the ceiling and see if the fire is above them or at the floor to see if the fire is below. It can spot a fire in a wall or can tell where a person or animal has been standing or sitting within the last 15 minutes or so.


  1. King County Sheriff’s Report: no report at this time


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Brent was not present. Dale Prior reported that we have a new PO Box #    It is PO Box# 710 Renton WA 98058.  Will need to make some changes in the budget to allow for a legal person and landscaping issues.


  1. Landscaping Report: Shawn requested and received authorization to proceed with a drainage upgrade and replacement of rusted valves in the Sport Court area.  Shawn was asked to get quotes for cleaning and repainting the mailboxes in both developments


  1. Architectural Control Report: John Ross had no report at this time and Allan Revenig was not present.


  1. Community Relations Report: Sherry Rosenlund was not present. Dale asked the board to firm up dates for the events this year so all can know months in advance.


  1. Social Committee Report: Rod Moore was not present. Dale reported that the Progressive Dinner in   Woodward was well represented. All had a good time.  The Gables is due to have one soon. The Holiday Lighting Contest also went well. (Russ Stocek headed up the contest) Thank you again to all that participated.


  1. 140th Construction Report: Dale reported that the board received from the county, the new plan regarding landscaping of our entrances…a new landscaping plan was designed and implementation is to begin soon. After reviewing, the board has suggested some changes in the plan.  Jim Nold will follow up with the county on our request.


  1. Security Report:  Allan Revenig was not present…no report at this time.   NOTE: Rick Heinz (Homeowner) has volunteered to head up a Blockwatch program and is currently trying to contact the proper authorities.


  1. Old Business: Dale prior will continue efforts to secure legal counsel


  1. New Business: Research possibility of moving the Gazebo up to the Tot Park to be utilized more by the community.  Russ Stocek has volunteered to be on the fire districts Community Action Committee.  Congratulations to John Ross family. The Ross’s have been blessed with a baby girl; Cassandra Lynn Ross   Cassandra was born on Jan 21st at 4:41AM. Weighed 7.5 # and is 19.25 “ long


Meeting was adjourned at: 8:30 p.m.


Minutes submitted by:  Dale Prior                                           Date: 01/23/02


Next meeting will be:  February 26,2002

7 p.m.

Nativity Lutheran Church

17707-140 th-S.E..