January 19, 2010



January Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 by John Wruble

Board members present were John Wruble, Linda North, Jeri Martin, Scott Paul. Also present Joy Church (bookkeeper), Bruce King, and Becky Wruble. Last month’s minutes were read and approved.

Financial Report: Joy Church/bookkeeper. She reported that we have CD’s coming up for renewal in May and October, 2010. We will let them rollover again as we have sufficient funds in our bank account to handle any expenses coming up this year.  To date, 51% of all homeowners have paid their 2010 assessment. There remain 6 unpaid dues from 2009. The January financial statement will be updated at the end of January and will be included in the February meeting.

Landscaping Report:  Scott Paul.  Scott and Rob Wick did a walk-thru of both The Gables and Woodward and didn’t find any significant issues, just some minor ones that may need to be addressed with individual homeowners. Scott has been in touch with Malone’s and will be meeting to set up the 2010 landscape schedule. He replaced the front entrance light bulbs and made some adjustments to them.  It was noted there was food set out and it appears that someone is feeding the wild animals. Though we can all appreciate nature and all the it’s creatures, it is asked that residents refrain from feeding the wild animals.

Architectural Control Report: Jeri Martin. Jeri plans to get a letter to each homeowner introducing herself as well as outlining her position, and giving them general information of expectations. There was one homeowner submission to paint their home and another to replace a broken garage door. Both were approved.

Old Business: The holiday contest was a great success and we thank each and every homeowner who took the time to “light up” our neighborhood. Judging was difficult, however here are the winners.  Congratulations to everyone.

Best Yard display – Woodward                       The Kaur residence

Best Yard display – Gables                             The King residence

Most creative use of lights – Woodward       The Postma residence

Most creative use of lights – Gables              The Hunt residence

Overall Grand Prize                                         The Woolard residence

The mailbox issue: Linda North will work with Dale Prior to get the final dates and procedures worked out so we can inform the homeowners of when it will be done, where their box will be located, and how to get their keys.

Gables entry project was discussed. Because we are looking into having school bus shelters built, the landscape project is on hold until we are able to gather more information on the feasibility of building them, where they would be placed, and how it will affect the landscape plans.

Bench refurbishing project. Scott Paul has the lumber and has completed finishing the boards for 3 of the 5 benches. He will be completing all of them once the weather gets warmer so he can apply the finish to the remaining lumber. It is also noted that the gazebo is in need of pressure washing and staining. Plans will be made later in the spring to get a work party together to complete both of these projects.

HOA attorney – John Wruble has been given the name of a HOA attorney and will be contacting and meeting with him in the next few weeks.

Snow Removal Project: We are considering having equipment and supplies placed at both entrances with volunteers who will assist in removing snow from the roads, making it easier to get in and out of the neighborhood when it snows. Nothing has been done on the project at this time. Linda North will check with Lowes and Home Depot to see what they suggest we have stored for this project and the cost of the supplies.

New Business

Annual Report Filing – John Wruble will meet with treasurer Laurie Wu to discuss.

CC&R’s – John gave each board member a new binder and asked that we all review the CC&Rs, CC&Rs, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws. There are a few updates needed which we will have done within the next few months. Discussion was held about having these binders available to hand out personally to each new homeowner.

Block Watch – discussion on this was tabled until the next meeting.

Website changes were discussed and it was suggested there be some updates made which will make it easier for homeowners to keep informed of any changes and updates made.

It was brought to the attention of the board that there are two hedges that need trimming since they block street vision at the intersection. John Wruble will speak with the homeowners.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm