Jan 24, 2006

Elliott Farm Homeowner Association

January 24, 2006



The meeting was called to order at: 6:30pm by Joyce Keil.


Board members present: John Wruble, Shawn Hutchinson, Mike Churchill, Rob Wick, and Joyce Keil.


Also present: Joy Church, Russ Stocek, Rick Heinz, John and Lauren Wick.


The October minutes were read and approved.


King County Sheriff’s Department:  Not present.


Fire District #40 Report:  Chief Johnson stated there were 196 EMS calls last months and 16 fire calls.  The outreach program collected 14,000 lbs of food.  Chief Johnson stated that cooking fires leading cause of fires in our community.


Financial Report, Joy Church/Mike Churchill:  Dues are now posted to match budget.  2006 Homeowner’s dues are due by the end of January.  The tree cutting service has been paid.


Committee Reports:


Russ Stocek, FD 40 Citizen Advisory Team Report:  The new HQ is proceeding.  It will be located south of the current location along the Benson Highway.  The groundbreaking is tentatively scheduled for April 13.  It will take approximately 1 year for construction.  The aid car is now staffed with 2 people.  A new engine for Station 41 will arrive this summer.


Landscaping Report, Rob Wick:  Rob will replace the lights at the entrance.  Lighting at the Gables is blocked by growth of vegetation.  Rick said some the lights are pretty worn.  Rob will evaluate replacing the lights at the entrance to the Gables.  New bark is coming this spring.


ACC, John Wruble:  John stated there hadn’t been any submissions for activity.  He and Rick will be looking over the neighborhood for compliance issues.  Joyce mentioned one neighbor who had stained his fence orange.


Block Watch, Rick Heinz:  Nothing to report.


Old Business:



Trees in greenbelt:  Rick stated we took down 35 trees in the greenbelt.  Part of the permit requires replanting.  Replanting ratio of 3 to 1 for potted trees or 6 to 1 for bare root.  Rick has located a source for trees and we would be looking at a March3 and 4th planting.  Joyce will be following up with a variation on the replanting requirements.


New Business:


Fairwood Annexation:  A meeting is being held tonight at the KCLS library.  A new group has been created in opposition to incorporation.  Paul Blake, Citizens for a Better Fairwood.  The boundary review is in process.  They have not set a meeting date yet.  An election will most likely happen in November.  More information at www.gofairwood.com


Spring Newsletter:  Rob is heading up the newsletter and is looking for submissions.


Spring Garage Sale:  To be determined.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 pm.


The next Homeowner’s Association meeting will be February 28, 2005 at 7:00pm Nativity Lutheran Church, 17707 140th Ave SE.


Please visit your website at: www.elliottfarms.net