February 28, 2017

Elliott Farm Homeowners’ Association

February 28, 2017

Attending: Gordon Hill (President), Meg Paul (Treasurer), Penny Gowen(Secretary), Linh Hirano (ACC), Rob Shafer (LCC), Homeowners (5), Special Guest, Philip Cady of Elite Roofing

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

The meeting opened with Philip Cady of Elite Roofing. Philip was present to review options for new roofs in our community. The majority of the roofs in our neighborhood are the original ones placed by the builder and the time for updating them is near. The board is seeking bids to facilitate a group discount for those who wish to participate.

Elite roofing is offering a 7% discount should 7 or more homeowners enter into contract with them for a new roof. For more information on Elite Roofing contact at Philip@eliteroofnw.com


Secretary: The minutes from the January meeting were approved as read.

President: Gordon announced the appointment of the Board of Directors and welcomed two new committee chairmen. The officers will be as follows; President, Gordon Hill, Treasurer, Meg Paul, Secretary, Penny Gowen, Architectural Control, Linh Hirano, Landscape Chair, Rob Shafer. The website will be updated to include the new chairmen.

Treasurer: Meg reported that 13 homeowners still have not paid this year’s dues. One homeowner has met the requirement to have a lien processed against the property. The board voted and approved the pursuit of the lien. Gordon will contact the attorney to start the filing.

Landscaping Chairman: Rob Shafer will be the new Landscape Chairman. This summer the board may consider bids to have mulch placed in the common areas.

March 25th is the date for the clean up along 140th.

A couple of the signs along 140th have rotted. King County has been called to replace them.

Architectural Control Chairman: Linh Hirano is the new Architectural Control Chair. The board will be doing home report cards before April.

New Business: One homeowner would like the board to reconsider his request for an antenna.

Old Business: No Dumping sign have been placed at the green belt but dumping is still occurring.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20pm

Next meeting is the March 28, 2017 at 7pm at Nativity Lutheran Church.

All Homeowners are encouraged to attend

Respectfully submitted,

Penny Gowen

EFHOA Secretary