February 23, 2016

Minutes of the Elliott Farm Homeowner’s Association

February 23, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by President Chris Rodrigues. Also present were Gordon Hill, landscaping chair, Sean Bauer, architectural control chair, and Shirleann Nold, secretary. Meg Paul, treasurer, was absent.

The minutes from December were read and amended to read that Gordon has requested 3 bids for new fencing at the sport court, but none have been submitted.

Our bookkeeper/treasurers reported that 79% of dues have been collected. It is important to note that dues fund maintenance of common grounds, permits, license, taxes, utilities, arborists and special projects we face as a community. This creates a well- groomed setting that helps maintain property values. On March 1st, dues will be delinquent and a late fee will be assessed. There is just one bank owned home for sale now in our community.

Gordon (landscaping) reported that the new lights for the Woodward entrance will cost @$1500. We are waiting for the remaining dues to be received before ordering. The lights that are already in place in Gables are saving the HOA over ½ of last year’s electric bill.

May 7th has been set as the date for our annual community clean up date. Gordon will rent the aerator and thatcher from Ace Hardware and homeowners can contact Gordon to reserve them, at no cost, for that date.

Tentatively, Saturday, April 30th, is scheduled to be the 140th clean-up day. Chris is attempting to coordinate with Maple Ridge development, which does an excellent job of cleaning along the opposite side of the road. To solve the problem of the limited line of sight near the entrance to Gables, we will ask our landscapers to attempt to move the two closest plants farther up the hill.

We may lose a few more trees near the Woodward entrance due to the drought last summer. We are in a wait and see period.

Gordon is also looking at bids to add gutters to the gazebo. Gutters, plus some improvement in drainage around the gazebo may eliminate the water accumulation problem there.

Our annual garage sale is tentatively scheduled for July 8, 9, and 10.

Sean reported just one new submission for fence repair.

The board addressed neighborhood security once again. Two signs have been ordered at a cost of $11 each for the entrances indicating a Neighborhood Watch. After much discussion the board has determined that it cannot be responsible for neighborhood security i.e. security patrols, electronic gates, car stickers (which many have said they would not support), and entry way camera systems. The camera system cost would be prohibitive to the association and monitoring the data collected would be a logistical nightmare. As advised by King County sheriff’s department our streets public roads and the data collected would be inadmissible in the court of law. The ultimate responsibility rests on each homeowner to secure their property. Security includes locking doors on cars left in driveways and on the street, removing garage door openers from same, leaving outdoor lights on overnight, installing their own home security system and/or security cameras. Almost all home break-ins have resulted from lapses in personal security such as car or house doors left unlocked. The HOA’s responsibility is to maintain the common grounds / utilities and enforce the CC&R’s of our community.

The board addressed the new issue of rental property that houses non-single family tenants. Our CC&R’s state rental properties are to be for single families only. Given this is up for interpretation the board is seeking legal advice on this matter.

The board discussed fire lane safety and instituting a plan for parking only on the side of the road with a sidewalk. The opposite curb would be painted red to prohibit parking. The board’s primary concern is that our community does not limit access to emergency vehicles.

We will be correcting the link for ACC submissions on our website. Currently we cannot access this form. The board will be adding new software to our website that will allow better compatibility with the host. The new software will cost $200. We are currently budgeted for $300 annually. We will add the Neighborhood Watch brochure for downloading on our site.

Shirleann Nold, secretary, tendered her resignation from the board after 2 years as she will be moving. Anyone interested to serve as secretary please contact Chris Rodrigues.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

The next meeting will be held on March 22, 2016 at Nativity Lutheran Church at 7PM. All are encouraged to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirleann Nold,